Will President Biden’s Executive Orders, or is there a more effective Orders available, to help reduce gun violence in USA?

The Chicago Tribune – CNN article titled: Biden takes action on guns, reported this following statement?

“Enough prayers,” he went on, “time for some action.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an idiom, and opinion of what will be a much better Executive Action needed to reduce gun violence in USA.

King Solomon

Wisdom calls out in the street; she lifts her voice in the square; (Proverb 1:20 BSB)

Idiom – cut (one’s) nose off to spite (one’s) face

Meaning – To seek retribution against someone else in a manner that is ultimately harmful or disadvantageous to oneself.

What’s My Point?

There is no doubt that if President Biden Orders would take away ever one of the estimated 400 million guns in the USA, it will reduce gun violence.

However, there is a world of guns that can be smuggled into the USA and into the hands of the bad guys in our world and contemporary times.

We know from recent history, that Hitler managed to take the guns from the German population prior to World War !!, and that contributed to serve to

ultimately harmful or disadvantageous to oneself: especially the Jews in Germany and Hitler’s occupied countries during WWII.

My point is we know in history there has been a much more Executive Order of sorts that has proven far more effective and, in my opinion, will be far more effective war to reduce gun violence in the USA

In My Opinion

I made the following comment on a Citizen Tom post this morning on a relative concern in our Nation of what is driving hatred that motivates violence in our Nation to shoot a fellow human.

My Comment

I cannot disagree with your use of pagans which many people in our communities seem to fit your description off their actions including your comparison of the USA to the prodigal son story.
I agree a civil war is not the wisest solution for our Nation.

However, we are presently in a war, same as in every past generation has engaged with evil influences that seem to keep repeating pagan beliefs and actions in communities.

In my opinion, the sooner we act to support school choice or school vouchers, the better. Most people who have been trained for warfare, such as military, police, or pastors know that if we do nothing to defend evil influences in our communities, we will in time lose the war of minds, body and souls.

In other words, the greater the number of defenders, the greater the influences for wise or foolish voters and legislators’ actions to defend our First Amendment freedoms in our Democrat Republic.

School choice or school voucher is the only hope for the future defenses in our Nation and World in my opinion., same as in every generation in past history to win the war to influence minds, bodies and souls which obviously is not being taught in our public schools.

I believe my argument could be verified if a study was made to compare how many convicted of crimes attended a public or private religious school in their youth.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

In Other Words

A far more effective Executive Order was given over 3000 years ago in one of God’s Commandments, “Thou shalt not kill.”

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has ruled it is illegal to teach a child in the most formulative times of their lives this “Supreme Executive Order:

Fortunately, though, in 2020, the Supreme Court has ruled it is legal for States to use taxpayer funds to be used to provide school choice or school vouchers. All that is needed is for voters to electe Legislators to pass laws to make it possible for parents to pass on in depth teaching of their religious values to their children if they do not agree with what cannot be legally taught in public schools.

You Decide

Which Executive Order’ do you believe will effect a better compliance in the future to reduce the gun violence in the USA?

Is now the time to start teaching prayers or “”Enough prayers,” he went on, “time for some action? “

Or should we begin doing the opposite, teaching God’s Orders to teach Wisdom and Love in our communities to reduce gun violence?

If Interested

Read the Source Links below

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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