How many, we will never know?

The above Chicago Tribune feature cartoon post brought to mind another group of unknown everyday heroes who have passed away in time and history from causes which need to be remembered too.

Another recent article titled: contained this statement

“Search our analysis of Illinois EPA data to find out “

The Purpose of This Post

To relate an ancient proverb, a wise or foolish idiom, the Coronavirus pandemic, Examples, and what I came to understand during my working career of the unknown environmental hazards many workers experienced during their working lives while working in manufacturing plants in the USA and the World.

King Solomon

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.  (Proverb 9:10)

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. (Proverb 27:12)

Idiom- what (someone) doesn’t know won’t hurt them

Meaning – Remaining ignorant or uninformed about something will allow someone to not have to worry about, feel responsible for, or get upset by it.

What’s My Point?

When the EPA Law was enacted in the USA I was delegated as a Purchasing Manager in a large manufacturing plant, to obtain, review, and maintain records of every chemical and raw material that would be used in the plant. The logic was wise, since the Purchasing Department bought the materials before being delivered into the plant. If anyone bought something not approved, they would fear being fired.

For example, handling, mercury, lead, silver, copper magnesium, cleaning chemicals, etc. while machining raw materials into widgets for years added to accumulation in their bodies.

My point is hundreds of years passed before the EPA laws were enacted and enforced in the USA. Many manufacturing workers did not know how hazardous to their health was, and they worked without protective equipment, and in later times died early never knowing why.

Or in other words, millions of manufacturing workers became unknown soldiers same as the above cartoon depicts, worked in honest labor to became heroes to support their families, may have died form handling hazardous materials.

In My Opinion,

The USA imports many widgets manufactured all over the world manufactured while workers walk around in loin cloths while pouring molten metals, etc. or are even made in prisons or increment camps in third world countries.

Yet the USA has no reservations about the safety of their employees, only cheaper prices.

In other words, the above idiom is foolish in my opinion when applicable to a manufacturing worker not knowing the hazards of what he is handling or breathing while employed.

You Decide

Is it hypocritical on the part of the EPA to allow widgets made in the world that knowingly harm workers inured rot obtain cheaper prices for their products sold in the USA?

Does anyone know if the EPA actually enforces the laws to mandate workers wear protective apparel anymore?

Would choosing to wear a facemask be conserved an EPA to require employers to actually protect employees from being infected while working for being infected with Covid, a hazardous disease?

Should we check the level of lead in our drinking water being piped into our homes and add lead reduction filters on our faucets now that we know how many lead headers lines our water passes through pipes leading into our homes.

Or wise up instead of ignoring the issue and foolish advice of the above idiom, even though we now know we can die early from known or unknown causes same as the millions of manufacturing employees did before the EPA enacted and actually enforced the laws to protect workers?

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Chicago Tribune Cartoon April 10, 2021