What does it mean to be an unaffiliated member of a religious group? Can the same meaning apply to unaffiliated voters?

I read a Citizen Tom post titled: What a difference they would have made, about the issue of abortion which is concern supported mainly of religious groups.

I then read a Pew Report which contained statistics that seem to contradict that religious groups beliefs about support of abortion.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb to discern the wisdom or folly of what it means to be classified as either an unaffiliate member of either a religious or voter group and what a difference it would make if instead of being considered an unaffiliate member of a group.

King Solomon

My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change: (Proverb 24:21)


21, 22. A warning against impiety and resistance to lawful rule (Ro 13:1-7; 1Pe 2:17).

meddle … change— (Compare Margin), literally, “mingle not yourself,” avoid the society     of restless persons. (Jamieson- Faussett – Brown Bible Commentary

What’s My Point?

The advice in this proverb can be interpreted as a warning to (Jamieson obey the wisdom of the Lord and do not believe and follow foolish changes) being supported by “restless” people.

My point is in our contemporary times if we choose not to stand for what we believe as folly on an issue of religion or politics, we are considered unaffiliated in statistics reports.

What that implies is we not closely associated with, belonging to, or subordinate to other members of a group. We are affiliated in name only but may totally agree what the group supports on issues

The question then become how can so many people come to be considered as unaffiliated with a religion or a political party? Or what is lacking in their lives to not want to follow the group they claim to be in name only?

In My Opinion

Whether the issue is religion or politics, the root cause is a person has never been taught in early childhood the values or beliefs of the groups or issues that the groups support.

For example, if a child attends a public school and is never taught the in-depth beliefs and values of a religion, and identifies him or herself as a Catholic, or any other religion, because their parents were in that group, he or she is more likely to be considered as an unaffiliated religious believer because they do not agree, follow, mainly because they never attended a private religious school in early childhood to understand in depth the precepts of their faith.

Same if a child attends any school and is never adequately taught civics or political history.

In other words, a person who is classified as being an unaffiliated member is for the most part because he or she never received an adequate in-depth lessons of the group’s core beliefs, in my opinion.

The result is he or she is more susceptible not to understand the meaning of Fear the Lord, or the King (in our contemporary times in the USA, the -Constitution), And is more susceptible to accept foolish proposals of change in either religion or politicians.

You Decide

Is the root problem why so many people are considered unaffiliated the result of the total failure of government run public schools which it the Supreme Court decision made it illegal to teach religion and does not adequately teach civics?

Is it time to change back to allowing a parent to decide their choice of school is best for them to does not teach their religious values instead of being mandated by government laws and political school boards what subjects they can or cannot be taught?

If school choice or school vouchers would be available and affordable, even though it is less costly than public schools, in the future, would the future Pew Study result in a smaller number of unaffiliated statistics, Churches have higher attendances, an attendances more lawful society result.?

Would the Pew Statistics report less statistics in the USA on issues go abortion, single parenthood, crime, political divisiveness, etc. in our Nation and societies if children were taught to understand the true meanings of religion and politics in early childhood?  

Can you envision if school choice or school vouchers in every State in our Nation in the future, “what a difference they would have made,” in the sad news reports we read and hear every day especially in poor high crim, single family parents, violent urban areas in our Nation?

If Interested

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