When a tragedy occurs, while we all may share the sorrow, what is the purpose of everyone sharing the blame or feeling ashamed?

The Chicago Tribune opinion column titled: When Police kill a child, all of us share the shame and the blame, reported this ending statement:

“When a child is killed, all of us should feel some amount of guilt for our failure. If not guilt, we should at least feel ashamed.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb and contemporary articles to understand the purpose why the columnist may believe “all of us,” “if not guilt,” should at least feel ashamed.

Or in my opinion, what is the purpose to blame everyone instead of the root causes of this tragedy.

King Solomon

As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come. (Proverb 26:2)


As the bird by wandering — Namely, from place to place: that is, as by its restlessness it secures itself from the fowler, that he cannot shoot at it, or spread his net over it; so, the curse causeless shall not come

What’s My Point?

Most tragedies ln life happen because someone makes a decision or choice that involves a risk.

Or simply, if the parties involved in the tragedy the writer believes everyone should share in the blame or be ashamed would understand the wisdom of this proverb, it might not have happened.

Or, if the person was in a “safe flight pattern or place and did not alight” in the place where the tragedy occurred. Or as the proverbs excerpt commentary states, “the shooter cannot shoot at it.”

If we attempt to discern the purpose of the writer’s point of view, I chose a few basic reasons from two articles why she is of a mindset or purpose why we all share the blame or should be ashamed.

Understanding Blame

Blame is a tool we use when we’re in attack mode.

We’re not very good at figuring out the causes of other people’s behavior, or even our own.

It’s easier to blame someone else than to accept responsibility.

People lie.

So What?

 “For a blamer, point out their potential culpability if they do not agree with you or help them point the finger in an appropriate direction.

For an explainer, do not blame or use guilt. Instead, rationally focus on external systems that must be coped-with, managed or changed.

My point is most people had neither any control nor any involvement in this tragedy.

For Example

The tragedy occurred because both the 13-year-old child and the policeman crossed paths and both are non-perfect human beings same as everyone born since the beginning of time.

The reason why they came to be in contact with each other is because they chose to be there

The 13-year-old was an adolescent, the police officer chose his profession.

When the initial shots were fired by the two and heard, the risks of tragedy increased.

If any anyone wants to know who should who really needs to share the blame and be ashamed, we need to find out what and why they believed they needed to fire a gun at 2:20 AM in a Chicago Alley.

In My Opinion

In my opinion, fear of gangs or drugs was probably the underlining motives for the tragedy that occurred.

If any person sells or buys drugs from gangs, they are the ones who should share the responsible for this tragedy.

However, the core blame belongs to the Supreme Court of the USA who ruled that teaching children in school to believe in God was illegal.. The purpose for teaching religion is basically to instill a conscience in children to avoid making foolish choices and become involved in risks of being beaten, shot, in the violence occurring in the streets of Chicago.

Problem is the two involved in this tragedy were probably never taught in their childhood anything about God. The result is they have no conscious based on religious values or wisdom understanding of any purpose why they should feel guilty or shame for doing what they do.

You Decide

Are buyers or sellers of illicit drugs for profit from criminal drug dealers or gangs the core reason for this tragedy?

Would the risks of tragedies of this kind be reduced if children attend a private religious school and taught to understand in depth the Wisdom and Love values in the Bible to develop concisions?

Would school choice or school vouchers help in the future to reduce the risks of future tragedies we now read and hear on the news every day especially children born?

Would children who are born in a single-family household, and growing up in a poverty high crime area benefit by being taught the Wisdom and Love in the Bible instead of what they are being taught by street gang peers?

If Interested

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