What does this statement mean? “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….”

In Post One I stated to relate the history of how the issue began and the What, When and Where and Why now is the time to mend the government from what has evolved over time to become a Civil Rights violation of the First Amendment of “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, a previous post of to explain how religious bigotry began in oils the history of government run public schools in the USA, and a basis how the government is violating the Civil Rights of the First Amendment to millions of Americans in respect to “establishment of religion to survive.

King Solomon

The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower becomes the lender’s slave. 22:7

What’s My Point?

If we discern US history of the reasons why the government established the public schools, we will understand the following:

The original intention of the First Amendment was never meant to exclude religious teaching. The Supreme Court ruled to end any religious teaching when it ruled in favor of a later lawsuit by an Atheist parent,

State legislation of Blaine Amendments voted to prohibit government funds from being used for private religious schools was based on fear aid bigotry against Catholics.

In 2020 the Supreme Court ruled the Blaine Amendments to be unconstitutional. Which means any State legislators can now pass legislation to approve funding to private religious schools.

The Supreme Court Yoder ruling has already provided a definition of rules of what is required to be considered a religion

State Supreme Courts have ruled if a parent objects to what is being taught in a public school the parent may take his child out of the school and either home school or pay tuition to send the child to a private religious school.

Over time, the cost of school’s tuitions has risen to be the highest cost item in every community listing of taxes. However, taxpayers must continue to fund public schools with their taxes even if their children do not attend public schools or no children reside in their household..

Because the cost of both public and private religious schools has risen over time, and the wages of benefits of most government employees is more than many people who work in private industries, the average poor or middle-class families cannot afford to pay two tuition taxation in our contemporary times.

That is because it is unaffordable for most poor and middle-class parents for one parent to stay home to homeschool or pay for private religious schooling to pass on their religious values.

Either can the private religious schools afford to stay open when less and less children attend and is evidenced by the continuing closing in Chicago private religious schools.

My point is whether in history or our contemporary times, nothing can be established or survive without funding.

And because only mainly the rich can afford to send their children to a private religious school, the government is violating the Rights of the First Amendment of mainly of poor and middle-class families.

Legislators, by not allowing school choice or school vouchers to allow both choice and affordability to the families are in effect violating the Civil Rights of the First Amendment to the constituents.

In My Opinion

There are some States like Florida and Wisconsin where legislators allow public funding in the forms of tax breaks or school vouchers.

All that is required now is for voters to elect legislators to support school choice or school vouchers in their communities because any government body that refuses to do so is violating their First Amendment Rights.

As of 2020 Supreme Court ruling against the Blaine Amendments has opened the door to end government from laws which imposes an economic effect of forbidding States to use taxpayers’ funds to prevent parents form choosing to pass on their religious values to their children because they are not rich enough to pay two tuitions. One to fund public schooling and one to fund private schools.

As for proof of how government employees’ rich rules of the poor on this issue, 40 percent of public-school teachers send their children to private religious schools. Almost every politician in cities such as Chicago and Washington DC send their children to private religion schools including every Chicago Mayor in the past fifty years.

Including most every President in the United States, both President Obama and President Biden.

In My Next Post

I will explain why school choice or school vouchers can benefit every community in the USA as evidenced in history when government discerns the benefits of am establishment of religion in their culture and society if it meets the as defined by the Supreme Court Yoder ruling.

You Decide

If we cannot afford to pay two tuitions and are not government employees, or rich, how is it possible to have time to teach your children in depth religious values when both parents work many two jobs just to pay ren or mortgage, food and clothing staples, and two taxes to fund both public and private schools. Unless we are Amish working on a farm in a closed community mile away from an urban environment

Is now the best time for Religious Clerics to inform their parishes of their Rights?

Is now the best time for Voters to be canvassing legislators either in office or candidates for the next election in your State to decide whether or not you will vote for him or her to help religion survive in the future of the USA?

In Interested

Read the Source Links below which include definitions of establishment and survive, and the Supreme Court Yoder rulings.

Definition of Establishment – Microsoft Bing

the action of establishing something or being established.

a business organization, public institution, or household.

a group in a society exercising power and influence over matters of policy or taste, and seen as resisting change.

the ecclesiastical system organized by law.

Definition of Survive – Merriam Webster

1: to remain alive or in existence: live on

2: to continue to function or prosper

Wikipedia _ Yoder – Supreme Court Rogers Decision – Excerpts 1,2

The U.S. Supreme Court held as follows:[2]

1.States cannot force individuals to attend school when it infringes on their First Amendment rights. In this case, the state of Wisconsin interfered with the practice of a legitimate religious belief.

2; Not all beliefs rise to the demands of the religious clause of the First Amendment. There needs to be evidence of true and objective religious practices, instead of an individual making his or her standards on such matters. The Amish way of life is one of deep religious convictions that stems from the Bible. It is determined by their religion, which involves their rejection of worldly goods and their living in the Biblical simplicity. The modern compulsory secondary education is in sharp conflict with their way of life.




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