The Chicago Tribune Articles titled:  Column: Chicago top cop’s inconvenient truth: Fathers in gang life bear responsibility when their kids get hurt, reported this following statement”

“We can talk around it all you want,” said Brown, “but this is less about what police officers can do. This is about young African American males, young males of color, deciding to live a life of crime, getting in conflict with others who have decided to live a life of crime, and putting your precious babies in the car with you.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, and an analogy of the truth of the ‘slaughter’ occurring daily on Chicago streets.

King Solomon

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven: (Ecclesiastes 3:1)


“Life as man lives it, without God, is futile, meaningless, purposeless, empty. It is a bleak picture . . . [But] God never intended man to leave him out of the picture . . . He intended man to find ultimate satisfaction not in life but in him” (Eerdmans’s Handbook to the Bible, 1973, p. 362).

What’s My Point?

After reading one more day of the endless daily news reporting drive by shootings in Chicago, and the truth in the Police Chief’s statement, it occurred to me that what is happening in Chicago can be compared to the 1800’s ‘slaughter’ shootings of buffaloes by train passengers.

My point is what is happening in Chicago is an open hunting season being a repeated comparison of USA history, if we compare one of the main reasons was for purposed of revenge killings to starve indigent Indians from their main source of food in the 1800’s.

In our contemporary times, the ‘territories’ are being fought over to obtain illegal drug profits purchased by drug users in the high crime communities being served by drug sellers…

In My Opinion

What is needed to end the ‘drive by shootings’ is readily available in our high technology contemporary times.

For example, computers and license plate scanners can record every car and sort time and license numbers of millions of cars being driven on the streets of Chicago.

This technology is mainly used to track and locate stolen cars license numbers. It can be used to track cars that frequently are located in high crime areas for suspicious activities.

Temporary laws can be passed to allow police to make use of the information in high crime areas to allow police the authority used by military during war time to stop, search, and arrest anyone with guns or illegal drugs.

In other words, the slaughter will continue until the news reports the truth revealed by the Police Chief and Legislators pass the laws instead of being afraid to be seen as “talking down’ to the issue.

And the truth is that thousands of young adults are making choices to live a life of crime.

While the Police Chief who is Black understands that his truthful statements will be considered by other Blacks as “talking down,” to fellow Blacks or any other community of cultures, he is never the less talking the truth.

And if the news report source in the USA continues to ignore telling the truth, the slaughter of Blacks will continue if allowed when a train passenger cold shoot and kill a buffalo, skin it, and cut out its tongue.

The same tactics gangs’ members now employ in their communities going on now in the communities where citizens refuse to use their tongue to be a witness for fear of gang revenge to instill fear of being a witness if we live in a high crime area?

Is it truly sad and pitiful that we are now allowing the slaughter of humans to be compared to the 1800’s slaughter of buffalos?

You Decide

Is this comparison analogy the truth or is the Black Police Chief talking down?

Is the term gang wars imply there is a similarity to wars and tactics used by the military when engaged in a war?

Is it wise or foolish to compare the present ‘open season; of the 1800’s Buffalo Shooters to our contemporary times of gangland ‘car shooting wars ‘we are reading daily in the news?

If Interested

Read the Source Article below and previous posts to compare the truth about Chicago Violence taking place in other urban areas in the USA. Another truth being if drug users would stop buying illegal drugs, there would be no incentives for gang profits to fuel incentives to join gangs to profit.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune

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