When, where, and why is it wise or foolish to move on from what occurred in the past?

The Chicago Tribune column titled: ‘Isn’t it time we moved on?’ reported this following question?

 So, what is all this noise about forming a congressional commission to investigate? Do we really need that?”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse, an idiom, and opinion to the question of when, where, and why it is wise or foolish to move on from either a good or bad experience in life.

King Solomon

Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?” For it is not wise to ask such questions. (7:10)

Idiom -don’t beat a dead horse

Don’t continue to focus on some issue or topic that is no longer of any use or relevance.

What’s My Point?

Congress just voted to investigate the mob attacks of the Jan 6 attack on the Capital. Yet, there were hundreds if not thousands of attacks on private citizens and property in the past year as a result of mobs. The question of why just investigate the Capital mobs which implies that understanding of violence on Congressional Representatives is of greater importance than the citizens in the Nation they are supposed to represent.

Meanwhile, the core reason of the attack on the Capital is citizens not believing the integrity of the 2020 election. Other news articles are reporting that the current recount of the election results in Arizona is meeting resistance from election officials even though a Judge ruled to the legality of a recount. In a previous post, I brought up the question of why there are laws for States to hold election ballots for a period of time if not to examine the ballots.

My point is to question the wisdom of the looking back to determine why we should or should not look back at what occurred in the past to investigate minds that are psychologically prone as the writers stated to “You didn’t see what you thought you saw. You got it wrong, you misunderstood. Your memory is playing tricks.”

In My Opinion

I frankly want to know the truth if the 2020 election was or was not stolen because of the short time period the law gives to election officials to certify elections.

Add the fact that some tabulator machine where on line to the internet and videos of election workers running the same ballots through the machines more than once. Add that election observers where order out for a period under false pretense accusations while election workers were not. Add that some states did not have any election laws to verify signature on ballots be verified against voter registration signatures. Affidavits not sufficient proof…., etc. etc.

Truth is something that can be proved if there is hard evidence such as paper ballots to investigate.

Investigating opinions in the minds of people is not hard evidence worth investigating because the question of truth or opinion will always be questionable.

Any investigation of the when, where, or why of the past without having hard evidence is a waste of time or taxpayer money. That is what the judges ruled as inadmissible when the original lawsuits of Trump.

However, the ballots are hard evidence that can be used to prove the truth, integrity, and accuracy of the 2020 election to decide if mail in ballots should be used in the future.

In my opinion, Congress should be concerned about the truth of the 2020 election before they pass any new election laws to make it lawful to repeat the same core reasons that brought about the January 6 attack on the Capital.

That is to know if the use of mail in ballots approved during the Covid pandemic was wise or foolish.

You Decide

Should we follow the ancient advice and idiom to don’t look back to the older days when a voter had to appear in person to vote is wise or foolish?

Should we allow Congress to pass new election laws to avoid ever having to beat a dead horse truth or opinion?

Was the last two-year Congressional investigation the cost taxpayers over 50 million dollars to prove the integrity of the Trump Russia conspiracy an example: to not look back” because of lack of hard evidence, truth, or opinions?

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