How can it be possible for a drug treatment center to close for lack of funds in Illinois?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Money woes doom drug treatment center, reported the following statement?

“A unique drug treatment program that has been a beacon for women struggling with addiction will close Friday after years of financial strain, …”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an ildiom, and to question why any drug treatment centers should be closing when taxes profits from selling recreational marijuana which are proven to add drug addictions are booming?

King Solomon

 9The produce of the earth is taken by all; the king himself profits from the fields.(Ecclesiastes 5:9)

Excerpt – Pooles Bible Commentary

depends upon it, is obliged to see that his fields be tilled and dressed, that he may have subsistence for himself, and for his servants and subjects.

Idiom – No problem, thank you.

Saying no problem when someone says thank you means it caused me no problem. This is a way of saying that helping was no trouble or required little effort. A variation of this expression is it was no trouble.

What’s My Point?

Illinois legislators are expanding recreational sales outlets for recreational marijuana in Illinois and profiting from the sales.

While at the same time marijuana has been identified by the CDC to be cause harmful health effects including a bridge to drug addiction

My point is to wonder why a woman’s drug addiction center should have any funding problems when it should be “no problem, thank you” to obtain funds from State profits derived from recreational drug sales.

In My Opinion

Frankly, there will never be enough funding in the near future to fund treatments for drug addiction as a result of the increasing uses of recreational marijuana.

You Decide

Should the state use the funds derived from recreational marijuana tax profits to fund the woman’s drug center closing?

If more people using recreational marijuana as a result of the State law, will the health effects the CDC warns about increase the need for higher sales taxes to treat drug addiction, mental illness, etc. etc. in the future.

Was approval of recreational marijuana really going to result in the idiom no problem, thank you: in the future of Illinois taxpayers?

Should tilling the soil to grow recreational marijuana results be shared by the voters who approved the referendum wording posed to them by legislators that led to selling legal recreational marijuana which stated “for school funding/”

If Interested

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Idiom – No Problem, Thank You

Biblehub Commentary Ecclesiastes 5:9

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