Why is it possible for USA to broker a cease fire outside the USA but not inside the USA?

The above Chicago Tribune political cartoon portrays the conundrum.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an idiom, to provide clues to discern this conundrum.

King Solomon

For a servant when he reigned; and a fool when he is filled with meat; (Proverb 30:22)

Ellicott’s Commentary

For a servant when he reigned. —The mischief done by Oriental favorites at court, who often began life as slaves, was proverbial.

A fool (nuchal). —See above, on Proverbs 17:7. It is only when he has to work hard for his living that he will behave himself decently; if he gets a little money, it will soon be wasted in idleness and self-indulgence.

Idiom easy come easy go

When something is easily obtained, it is typically lost just as easily.

What’s My Point?

Members of Congress have the constitutional authority to approve funding for domestic and foreign uses.

Members of Congress in a Democrat Republic in a broad sense are considered servants of the people they represent?

My point is members of Congress must approve funds that President Biden is pledging to be sent to the Mid-East to broker a cease fire, while at the same time, ignore using the same game plan to obtain a ceasefire on the gang wars and killing in the high crime areas in many urban war zones.

In My Opinion

Perhaps the clue to solve this conundrum is the peoples well paid and obtaining better benefits being servants of the people’s money have forgotten how hard taxpayers have to work in order to pay taxes.

In other words, collecting taxes and approving borrowing seems to make for the idiom of easy come, easy go, when Congress approves funding to aid foreign over domestic warfare’s occurring in the USA.

You Decide

Does the proverb and idiom help discern the answer to the political cartoon conundrum?.

Should we be concerned with the decisions of our ‘servants’ in the Congress of the USA who are better paid and receiving better benefits than the majority of ‘working men and women’ taxpayers?

Taxpayers who have to work to pay taxes to fund ceasefires every time a conflict begins firing rockets at each other in the Mid-East, while not being able to discern how to obtain a ceasefire in the streets of high crime urban areas in the USA?

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