Why is government and the news media silent about issue of recreational Marijuana brain health warnings use will cause ‘Brain Abnormalities’?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Care, Comfort, Trust, reports how Black medical patients are both surprised and comforted when seeing a Black doctor enter their room to treat them.

Another article titled: Pot Union Movement in Illinoi s grows, reports: Marijuana sales in Illinois have soared since the state legalized recreational use in January 2020, reaching $1.03 billion last year.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an idiom, and a question about trust of the news media one sided reporting about the subject of Care, Comfort, and Trust of the communities they serve.

King Solomon

And when the queen of Sheba had seen all Solomon’s wisdom, and the house that he had built, (1 Kings 10:4)


“In both which there were evidences of singular wisdom. “

Idiom – seeing is believing

Meaning “Actually seeing or witnessing something, as opposed to simply being told about it, allows or will allow one to believe that it is true or has occurred.”

What’s My Point?

When government passes a law to allow their community members to purchase and use for recreational purposes a drug such as THC, which is medically proven to screw up the brains, yet not warn them of the adverse effects, one has to wonder about the care, comfort, and trust of both the government and news media of their communities.

My point when a law is passed, many impressionable and vulnerable members in a community foolishly believe that if seeming is legal, it must be okay or good.

In My Opinion,

What impressionable and vulnerable people are not seeing is both government and news media reporting is the medical studies which have found that use of recreational marijuana is screwing up their gray brain matter.

In other words, unless they see both sides of the issue of using recreational marijuana, both government and news media is failing in their responsibility to at the very least, allow impressionable and vulnerable users of recreational marijuana of the harm they are engaging in to their brains.

You Decide

Should every package of recreational marijuana being sold have the same label as what is on a cigarette package except contain this following wording.

Caution – Use of this product has been medially proven to screw up your gray brain matter and “exposure to THC is associated with an altered reward system, increasing the likelihood that an animal will self-administer other drugs (e.g., heroin) when given an opportunity (see “Is marijuana a gateway drug?“)

Is it wise or foolish to trust any governing body or news media to provide us the best care, comfort, for our wellbeing if they remain silent on the harmful effects in order to obtain profit?

Or to trust and use for recreational purposes any product that is medially proven to have “adverse effects on the gray matter evidences of singular wisdom.” 

Would the Queen of Sheba after seeing both sides of our Democrat Republic government and news media believe they are as wise as King Solomon?

If Interested

Read the source links below.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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