What has the above Illinois political cartoon share with King Solomon’s Wisdom or Folly?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: 42 billion Dollar Budget Approved, reported one profound statement of the root problem of this Blue State budget Problems.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate and ancient proverb to the political cartoon to help interested readers to understand why Illinois budget is rated last in the Nation on Debt.

King Solomon

A gold ring on a pig’s snout, a beautiful woman with no taste. (Proverb 11:22).

“Anyone can wear gold earrings, yet gold alone will not bring a woman respect and influence.”

What’s My Point?

Both the political cartoon and the proverb relate to dressing up a pig which was a considered a low esteemed animal to make her appear to be more respectable.

My point is that we can also relate ethics to financial respectability of any government body by their record of budgeting.

In My Opinion

In previous posts I pointed out that Illinois debt and number of government employees per capita is the lowest ranking in the Nation.

Any private business or individual with low debt and bond ratings will have to make budget decisions to cut costs or experience bankruptcy, which results in losses to lenders and former employees’ pensions.

Or in other words, one way to reduce Illinois budget is to consolidate the number of public State employees who by their presence and duties are duplicating the same tasks. Illinois rankings on number of State employees per population is the highest.

As for the holders of Illinois bond debt who have been collecting interest and believe the State Constitution law that will not allow the State to declare bankruptcy, I can only wonder how that will work out in the future.

If you are now wondering what the Article Statement Clue made in the Chicago Tribune that relates the proverb to proverb and political cartoon and my opinion, the following statement give a clue to Illinois budget as well as the ethics of how Illinois ethics can be applied to supposed solving any governing budget, debt, school, energy, environmental, etc. act. Problems brought up in the article.

“We can’t have a school board that’s more than twice as large as the largest school board in the country. That just doesn’t make sense,”

If Interested

Read the Source Links below.

You Decide

If after reading the articles, would you agree with the clue as being the core problem of Illinois governing problems whether it relates to ethics, debts, etc. etc.  

Will earrings or lipstick or wisdom and common sense ever solve the folly of Illinois budget and ethics problems in the future?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune  


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