King Solomon and John Wayne shared the same concern about the folly of exultation and use of the race cards and religious discrimination for their nations.  Why?

The Purpose of This Repost

Perhaps we should consider what was believed in the recent past what to teach our children instead of the current concepts of ‘critical race theory?’

King Solomon

King Solomon married women from many nations and allowed different religions to be practiced in his kingdom. Three thousand years later, the United States incorporated this same philosophy into the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The reality of the history of the US is different groups, or nationalities of people have immigrated over different periods of time. It is still common practice for the different groups to reside in close proximity by nationality or comfort and security. Assimilation of different or mixed nationalities is now an even slower process in generation time than in the past because we now live up to one hundred years of age thanks to medical advances. The grouping practice by nationality continues today because currently one million immigrants a year are becoming naturalized citizens. The result is groups of different nationalities still band together to reside and make up various ethnic areas of the towns, cities, rural areas.

While laws have been passed to prevent discrimination, they do not prevent individuals from choosing where they may prefer or afford to live. Discrimination carries on in the form of high property taxes, home values, and rents. King Solomon wrote another proverb to address an ideal in regards to wealth discrimination and brotherhood.

Rich and poor live side by side, Yahweh makes them all. (Proverb 22:2)

Great ideal but very difficult to implement because of fear of harm and human vanity.

John Wayne

See this short video presentation of the opinions of John Wayne and Theodore Roosevelt which they believe serves to exacerbate the assimilation of different groups of people in America ever since inception.

President Theodore Roosevelt

Race Card, Exultation

King Solomon used only two words to judge a person’s decisions, wise or foolish. He only used two words to exult or condemn their actions, righteous or wicked (sinful). He wrote this proverb which theodicy operates in respect of nations as well as individuals. It also operates into groups of individuals.

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to a people. (Proverb, 14:34)

In my opinion, it would be wise to scrap all race card adjectives along with all hyphens to describe individuals and groups of people. I agree with King Solomon, judge a person or group of people only by their righteousness and not their skin color, looks, or religion.  

Why? Because that is what our forefathers who wrote the Constitution envisioned when they named the country for the righteous people they fought and died for, THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

Regards and goodwill blogging.