What should politicians fear of the consequences questions that will need to be answered about the pending results of the Arizona election recount disclosures of (ED) Election Denial?

The Chicago Tribune AP DJ article titled: Election denial in GOP stirs alarm, brought up the following question for politicians fearing the (BC) Blameless Conduct.’

“We rely a lot on local officials, and if one party decides not to believe, we are in for a world of trouble.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb about the (BC) Blameless Conduct alarm warning fears and the questions which may arise from the results of the Arizona (ED) Election Denial recount that will have to be addressed by both the GOP and the Democrat Party.  

King Solomon

He whose conduct is blameless walks in safety, but he who walks in tortuous ways is found out. (Proverb 10:9)

What’s My Point?

Most States passed election laws to require all vote ballots be held for a period of 22 months after an election which presumably is for the purposed of a potential recount which is now taking place in Arizona.

My point is if the recount results do not agree with the certified results, the following questions will arise and need to be addressed even though there is a law that states once an election result is certified it cannot be overturned.

Consequences Questions

Which political party told the Big Lie?

Will all the criminal charges be dropped against the January 6, 2021 Capitol assault rioters same as those arrested for the riots in 2020 were claimed to be justified by activists for BLM?

Will lawsuits to challenge the present laws that an election cannot be overturned if certified by the Supreme Court?

Which politicians or political parties will be more fearful of the next election?

Will news stations and political pundits be more fearful about their reputations for truthful reporting?

Will or should other States follow Arizona and conduct more election recounts if the results are not what was certified?

Wil the present Congressional divisions debate of the new election laws passed in 2021 have to be revisited by Congress to restore trust in future elections?


In my Opinion?

Which political party should be more fearful of the BC Blameless Conduct?

You Decide

If after the Arizona election recount results are revealed, which political party is more fearful of being blamed about the Big Lie?

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Chicago Tribune


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