What occurrence in Illinois can be related to a second moon landing for investment of kids in America?

The Chicago Tribune Editorial titled: Congrats, parents, on saving ‘Invest for Kids’ – for now, reported this statement:

“The quick backgrounder for readers new to this important topic: Four years ago, Democrats and Republicans agreed on a smart plan that reliably would increase future state aid to public schools”.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom proverb, an historic saying, and explanation why congratulations for this occurrence may be on equal footing of the accomplishment to land on the moon.

King Solomon

1 ¶ To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

5  A time to cast away stones,

 and a time to gather stones together;

a time to embrace,

 and a time to refrain from embracing; (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 5)

Historic Saying – Google

At 10:56 p.m. ET on July 20, 1969, the American astronaut Neil Armstrong put his left foot on the lunar surface and famously declared, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  

What’s My Point?

The Governor of Illinois wanted to end the tax subsidies agreement to help fund private religious school ‘scholarships ‘but the measure was defeated by legislators and parents The agreement included creation of Invest in Kids to help parochial and other private schools educate thousands of students whose families can’t afford to pay tuition in addition to their tax dollars for public education.”  

Illinois unions are the most powerful in the Nation. Unions in history became powerful to right injustices against laborers working for extremely low wages.

Teacher Unions for this issue though can be compared to the King Solomon verse same as “stones were cast away to clear fields” to better plant and harvest for mankind’

Sadly though, unions can become like powerful walls to guard against what can be perceived as a threat to take away or “a time to cast away or embrace past injustices” of Religious Rights of others..

My point is in 2020 the Supreme Court ruled Blaine Amendments in States to forbid tax funding be used to fund private or religious schools using taxes paid by parents was ruled unconstitutional.

In other words, parents who believe that the public-school systems fail their children or teach beliefs that are opposite parents’ religious beliefs no longer can be legally denied by State laws  to use their taxes paid to States, if voters choose to elect legislators to approve funding for school choice or school vouchers.

In My Opinion

While congratulations are in order for the legislators to prevent the present “small step” of using the present method of obtaining funds to allow scholarships for poor families, the first stone was removed from the wall for the following editorial reasoning.

“Why did lawmakers reject Pritzker’s intent to slash Invest in Kids and instead give it stronger footing? The lobbying by parents and community leaders — especially from parts of Illinois with lousy public schools — was key. The relentless message to Springfield: We only want our children to have the same choices your children have. And this tax credit costs state government and school districts less than the cost of absorbing all of these students back into public schools.

In my opinion, the defeat of this measure in Illinois, the bastion fortress of the most powerful Teacher Unions over State governing, was on par with the effort to land Neil Armstrong on the moon ‘for mankind’s future in USA..

The next step needed by parents is to vote for legislators to pass legislation to allow school choice or school vouchers for every parent to choose what type of education is best for their children instead of School boards mandated curriculums same as other States such as Florida, Wisconsin, and fourteen other States.

You Decide.

If 40 percent of all Illinois teachers send their own children to private or religious schools and the majority of State legislators, does that give us a clue that perhaps something is failing in the public-school systems.

If a parent has strong religious beliefs and wants his children to obtain his religious values but cannot afford to pay two tuitions, one in the form of his taxes to fund public schools and another in tuition for a religious school which in most cases in less than a public school, is it time to “cast away these stones” now that the Supreme Court has ruled the walls to be unconstitutional?

Is it possible that the high crime rates in USA urban areas can be correlated to lack of teaching religious values especially in poor single parent families in high crime areas?

In my opinion, it can be proven by just having a study made to compare how many convicted criminals attended a public vs. a private religious schools..

Should teachers really be afraid of job security of school choice or school funding “or to embrace” because both types of schools need teachers and if the private schools received the same amount of tax funds as the public-school teachers, the pay and benefits would be similar?

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Chicago Tribune Editorial


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