Was the “margin of error” result of the 2020 election accurate enough to certify the Arizona election by Hobbs?

The following statement was made when the Arizona election was certified.

Hobbs took a moment during the signing ceremony to emphasize that the election was secure and mentioned the ways in which Arizona elections are audited and tested. Election equipment must undergo multiple logic and accuracy tests that have to be overseen by representatives of each political party. Party representatives are also present at ballot tabulating centers, Hobbs mentioned.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb of what was believed in ancient times to compare to the current methods of statistically sampling methods beliefs used by pollsters that may influence people to believe something is factual and trustworthy vs. otherwise accurate “withing the margin of error.”.

King Solomon

Casting lots causes contentions to cease, and keeps the mighty apart. (Proverb 18:18)

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; (Proverb 3:5)

What’s My Point?

Using the lot method to end quarrels, along with the belief that the winner of the draw is a decision made by God was proof in faith in God to plan man’s courses.

I personally am curious of the outcome of the Arizona recount of the 2020 elections. Not for partisan reasons, but to see if what millions of students are taught in Business Statistics in the USA in past decades how to discern large amounts of data for business purposes.

My point is depending on various news reports and opinions that the Arizona recount is unpatriotic based on partisan politics, the result Is never the less the first test every made of a recount of each ballot on a sampling of 2.1 million voter ballots.

In My Opinion?

King Solomon observed how legal battles between two wealthy opponents could be drawn out in time to prevent closure of a matter. He wrote the above proverb to use lots and trust in God to decide to end the matter and obtain closure.

Since that time the art of business statistics, sample size, normal curve, etc. has been recognized and used by pollsters to quickly analyze large amount so data to make business or election results.

The issue of the USA elections is based on the electoral college which means in a close election the outcome can depend on just one State elections as what happened to Gore and Florida.

In my opinion, the Arizona recount results should be an interesting test for contemporary times for mankind.

You Decide

Is it wise or foolish for Congress pass any new voting laws before the Arizona recount results is made public?

If the Arizona results differ from the Hobbs statement, should we end the matter by drawing lots or listen to news opinions instead of obtaining closure to this issue?

Did Trump say he lost the election in a June 17, Fox interview. or is it based on a partisan opinion, or does Trump already know the outcome of the Arizona recount?

Regardless of the outcome of the Arizona recount, is it wise or foolish to ever trust in mankind wisdom instead of God’s, based on the results of history of our Nation and the World?

If Interested

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