Now what’s next for the 50 alderman to tackle, or continue to avoid like the plague?

The Chicago Tribune front page article titled: Lake Shore Drive renamed for Jean Baptiste Point DuSable, reported a compromise of a prolonged heated debate.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate and ancient proverbs, an accolade, and suggestion for their next major debate might focus on instead of avoiding the issue same as a plague.

King Solomon

What the wicked dread will overtake them; what the righteous desire will be granted. (Proverb 10:24)  

Ancient Jewish Proverb

Do not be wise in words, be wise in Deeds

What’s My Point?

In previous posts on the issue of having 50 alderman or 15 makes one wonder if more is better than less to result in good righteous governing.

My point is to question why changing a street name is an example of words rather than deeds on the issue of Chicago’s sad world reputation for high number of shootings and violence in comparison to other communities in our Nation and World.

In My Opinion

Frankly I am surprised that the city council came to agreement to add a word to the street name instead of deleting the street name of Lake Shore Drive, a well-known recognition of the beautiful Chicago Lakefront most visitors admire when the visit Chicago.

Now if only they would focus next on removing the other reputation of high crime and violence instead of avoiding the issue “like a plague” in my opinion.

In ancient times the above proverbs reminded me of the contemporize name to describe individuals who use words instead of deeds when they become leaders, whether in public or private appointments.

You Decide

Should the 50 aldermen in Chicago do something more than rename street to restore the reputation of Chicago.

If not would the contemporary words of “empty suit politicians”’ better describe the reputation of the present 50 alderman leaders in Chicago.

If Interested

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Regards and goodwill blogging.

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