How can we discern when a law is foolish and legislators are fools?

The Chicago Tribune has three articles that relate to police enforcement which all give clues to how foolish laws turn policeman into reactive rather than proactive police enforcement.

In other words, the police hands are tied to prevent them from preventing crimes instead of arriving after a crime has been committed when it is too late for do anything except hopefully aid a shooting victim who is still alive rather than dead.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an idiom, and my opinion what needs to be done and how a simple electronic device can be used to detect and prevent someone who is unauthorizes to carry a gun from using the gun in a proactive manner to reduce the 90 shootings that occurred in Chicago this past weekend.

King Solomon

A wise king winnows out the wicked; he drives the threshing wheel over them. (Proverb 20:26)

Idiom – What Does a Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush Mean?


In other words, it encourages taking the sure bet, or what’s certain and guaranteed, rather than gambling on an uncertain outcome. 

What’s My Point?

When in one weekend, 90 people are victims of shootings in a weekend celebrating Independence Day of the USA, it is apparent that the people are not independent and free to walk the streets of any community.

My point is any wise leader or King in ancient times apparently is capable to understand that something needs winnowing and threshing out by the city and state leaders of 50 alderman, a building full of judges, and a police force of thousands of police.

In My Opinion

I bought a metal detector some years back to play a game with my grandsons who were too young to understand that I was fooling them by dropping pennies, nickels and dimes while they were not looking at me so they could experience the joy of finding what they considered to be treasures.

Included with the metal detector was a small hand-held detector which by setting the frequency to a level to detect large rather than small metal objects, I could quickly locate and differentiate various objects metal content.

In other words, because police can no longer stop and frisk, or perform a simple pat down search without first seeing a person has a gun, or a witnesses or victim makes a complaint to accuse someone, the legislators have made it almost impossible for a police officer to be proactive to prevent a shooting before it occurs,

In other words, all a policeman can do is either use police presence in an area to hopefully deter someone from shooting a victim while they are nearby.

Sadly, though there are not enough policeman in the world to station on every city block in Chicago.

There is presently available an option for legislators to request the National Guard to instill military laws but the same limits of having a soldier on every block applies.

In other words, legislators in Illinois are fools not to understand and implement laws to protect victims by enacting laws to allow police to be proactive instead of reactive.

You Decide

Are legislators and leaders in Chicago and other high crime areas fools not to be able to discern that crime and shooting victims have Rights to celebrate their Independence and freedom too.

Are legislators and leaders really leaders or should they be “threshed out” of office for their folly to not allow police to be proactive.

Are legislative prosecuting attorneys and judge fools to allow people arrested for carrying an unauthorized gun to be freed after arrest to intimidate any witness from testing against them for fear of being shot as a reprisal.

Are Chicago voters fools for electing fools.

Would allowing policeman to use a metal detector be more effective method of locating potential criminal “birds” (with hidden unauthorized guns on their persons or cars) on hand instead of allowing them to hide “in the bush. (Streets and cars)

Is passing more gun laws instead of allowing police to enforce the laws going to solve or reduce the present 90 weekend shooting on Chicago Streets on Independence Day in the USA?

Should Legislators in Chicago be on stage in the Chicago Theater in a comedy act pointing fingers to blame each other at instead of sitting in their offices reading about 90 shootings in the Chicago Tribune?

If Interested

Read the Source Links below

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