Should Chicago and other urban high violence community leader’s be curious about this request for Federal Troops to control gangs in Haiti?

The Chicago Tribune – Miami Herald- article titled: About the Assassination in Haiti, and another article titled: Gang Violence Strike Fear in Haiti, should arouse curiosity on just what would USA troops do about gangland violence in Haiti that the same issues are being  experienced in Chicago and other high violence urban cities in the USA?

For example, another Chicago article titled: Local Rapper Suffered as many as 64 Bullet Wounds in Fatal Shooting, must at the very least make us wonder if our legislators are wise or foolish leaders.

 Chicago Mayor asked President Biden for Federal help to reduce the violence after over 100 victims of shooting on the Fourth of July tilled up celebrating…. of all things…… independent Day Celebration of USA obtaing freedom from an oppressive King.

Is being fearful of being shot while living in a high crime community be considered as freedom from oppressive gangs?

The Purpose of This Post ‘

Is to relate a King Solomon wisdom proverbs written 3000 years ago for curious readers to discern the wisdom of the present leadership voted to manage our Republic which has been described as the greatest example of freedom in history?

King Solomon

He, that being often reproved hardened his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy. (Proverb 29:1)

Excerpt – Benson Commentary

He that being often reproved — Who having received frequent reproofs from wise and good men, and perhaps also chastisements from God; hardened his neck — Remains incorrigible, and obstinately persists in those sins for which he is reproved and corrected; shall suddenly be destroyed — Is in danger of falling, and that on a sudden, into utter and irreparable ruin.

What’s My Point?

When gangs are oppressing people in major urban cities in the USA, and city leaders refuse to do what is necessary to control the gangs,, should we all be curious what will USA troops do differently in Haiti to control gangs?

For example, there have been numerous requests for Federal help made in USA communities to control gangs in in high crime urban areas of the USA. However, political leaders have “persisted” to not listen to the request by the people living in the high crime areas.

Are the leaders who refuses to listen be discerned to be wise? Or are they foolish as described as the the proverb as a stiff necked, obstinate, incorrigible, by their refusal to consider the requests to take the needed actions necessary to control violence that have been used since the beginning of recorded history.

In My Opinion

Nothing under the sun has changed in the three following remedies that have been proven effective by leaders in history to control criminal gangs..

1.Lawbreakers must fear breaking the law will result in a just punishment.

2;The short-term remedy to protect the freedom of citizens living in high crime areas is to arrest and remove the gang members and keep them confined from intimidating the communities.

3.In the long term, it is obvious that the public schools have failed to teach discipline and morality in high crime areas. Voters need to vote for legislators who will support school choice or school vouchers so parents can become involved in choosing to pass on their religious values to their children.

Yes  there are other opinions which are valid such as jobs, and investment in poverty high crime areas except none will protect the freedom of the residents in the community from criminals who are not in fear of laws of God and man and will continually attempt to own and control their neighborhood boundaries by sadly controlling the residents to fear them instead of the opposite..

You Decide

Is it wise or foolish to send Federal troops to Haiti to control gang killings and not the USA?

If Biden approves sending troops to Haiti, is it because the USA cares more about other countries than in the USA citizens?.

Should voters demand legislators do what is necessary in the short term to control gang violence in their communities?

Should parents demand legislators support school choice or school vouchers or be voted out of office?

How many more victims of shootings in urban areas before legislators wise up instead of remaining stiff necked, incorrigible, and obstinate to their constituents before they become reproved, chastised, and be voted out of office full in the next election,

Assuming that voters wise up, in my opinion?

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