Why Congress and voters are on a path to self-destruct by causing the failures such as DACA, security of our Nation both physically and financially,  as if we are planning a mission to destroy the future of our Nation?

The Chicago Tribune Op-Ed opinion titled: Political Dysfunction keep ‘Dreamers’ in Purgatory, give a clue to the failure of the Dream Act to be agreed to in Congress because of the failure to secure our borders which by law is the responsibility of the Federal Government…

Another article titled: Illinois National Guard help secure DC after Jan. 6 riots. So why is Congress forcing pay cut on Washington Guard Troops? gives a clue to the failure of Congress to physically secure the Capital because of lack of planning and now are on a mission to destroy moral of National Guard by not paying them. Which has been proven in history to destroy moral of troops and lose wars.

Another article titled: Medical irritation sets in as Covid -19 cases jump, report the failure to control the Delta variant spread into the USA, which originated in other Nations and to convince people to become vaccinated because of the failure to make people accountable for the risks they themselves choose to make to prevent becoming infected and allowing known people with the variant to enter the USA to infect and spread the highly contagious variant,

Another article titled: Stellantis CEO expects chip shortage to drag until next year, because of the failure of Congress to allow chip manufacturing from being outsourced from the USA which at one time manufactured 62 percent of chips and now only manufactures 12 percent.

Another article titled: US Germany reach a deal on Russian pipeline, reports that Europe will benefit with a pipeline while at the same time the USA closed down a pipeline in progress that will result in greater dependency from Mid-East oil in the future.

Another article titled: Dems rip McConnell after threat to oppose Debt Limit hike, give a clue to the ballooning National Debt because of the failure to reach agreement on future spending plans based on printing more dollars which has failed other Nations in history to result in inflation of the value of their currency.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom proverb, a psychology today explanation, to provide a clue for both voters and Congress to discern the questions. in regards to the future of our Nation.

King Solomon

Folly is joy to one who lacks judgment, but a man of understanding walks a straight path. Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. (Proverbs 15:21-22)

Psychology Today – Self Direction or Self Destruction

“So, what is going on with Sara and John? The positive view is that as they move through relationships and jobs they are constantly discovering and fine-tuning what does and doesn’t work for them, rather than settling for the mediocre or good-enough. The negative spin is that they may have a problem with commitment, or that their expectations are always to high and unrealistic, or that rather than acknowledging and working through the boredom or problems that can arise in any situation, they choose instead to cut and run.”

What’s My Point?

Both above King Solomon and Psychology advices refer to plans, judgment, and wise counsel.

My point is the USA by ignoring the pros and cons of what did not work in history and by exiting the cons in the Psychology Today explanations that lead to a path of self-destruction.

In My Opinion

The USA voters and legislators need to wise up and discern the present path of passing laws and not enforcing them, borrowing and printing dollars even though history has proved it to be a certain path to folly in the future, and choosing to become reliant on Globalism instead of self-reliance has proven to be detrimental to the USA health and economics as proven in the above news articles of what is occurring in the USA.

And what is being reported is a path to self-destruction in the future unless both voters and Congress wise up and discern the present path of passing laws and not enforcing them, and borrowing and printing dollars is a plan for proven in history self-destruction in the future.

You Decide

Do we believe today’s news articles is the result of any wise planning, judgement, counsel, and management by Congress or is reporting a plan for self-destruction of our Nation in the future?

If Interested

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Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

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