Will the USA Legislators ever wise up to agree how to control and reduce Covid in the USA instead and focus on what really needs to be done instead of the present course of folly which could have been avoid if only we would ‘wise up’ instead of ……?

The Chicago Tribune articles titled: The CDC Retreats on Masks as cases arise, and, GOP Governor would not encourage shots, and, what’s behind the names of the Covid variants, all report the present status of the pros and cons of masks and present status of Covid in the USA and World seemingly dilemma of what is the best prudent options to cope with Covid.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate and ancient proverb, an idiom, and to reinstate my opinion on what really is the core reason that result in over 600,000 deaths in the USA and if we continue on the present path will cost even more than the 16 trillion cost analysis in the future.

King Solomon

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. (Proverb 227:12)

Idiom – listen to reason

Meaning – To listen to, understand, and be persuaded by a rational assessment of a situation.

What’s My Point?

If Congress would only listen to reason, this Covid could have been controlled with less cost and loss of life that what has occurred in both the past and future.

In My Opinion,

The main reason covid spreads has been identified soon after the pandemic began. That is droplets in the air inhaled is the main way the infection spreads. From person to person. Other ways are to touch the infected droplets and touch a orifice into our bodies while the virus is still virile.

Since medical personnel who treat Covid can reduce the infections spread by 95 percent by wearing N95 masks, in my opinion, if N95 mask manufacturing and machinery was not outsourced to suppliers 8000 miles away, the masks would have been and more readily available and persons would have acted more prudent to wear the masks, the risks would have reduced the risks for any person wearing the mask to only 5 percent of becoming infected.

Which means that 95 percent of the people who died and the millions who became infected with either severe effects and hospitalized would have been 95 percent less is a reasonable statement, or logical statement

However, to date, no one in Congress listened to reason. Instead, the costs of vaccine and what occurred with lockdowns, medical treatments, and spread of different varieties of Covid still persist, or flare, along with costs of life and treasure continue to mount, while at the same time, the USA news is still debating freedoms of choosing whether or not to wear masks.

And inspected of Congress passing laws to forbid price gouging, N95 masks that sold for as little as .50 cents per Covid are still being sold at over one hundred to upwards higher costs today and worse yet, still in short supply.

All because Congress did not listen when prudent voices spoke about the risks of outsourcing 90 percent of medical equipment to sources 8000 miles away.

And even though the scientific proof of how the infection spreads, persons won’t listen and take prudent methods to wear a mask.

All because in my opinion, the costs of paying for medical care are being subsidized by Government borrowing dollars to pay to treat people who either won’t listen to reason while Congress provides for their medical care while sadly allowing for N95 masks to be in short supply and too costly for poor or middle class to afford.

You Decide

Will the USA Congress ever listen to reason to figure out a way to provide N95 masks to the prudent to “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty?

If N95 masks worn by medical personnel protect them 95 percent, would the mask protect prudent users the same way same as vaccine supposedly protects 95 percent?

Will a nanny government ever be prudent or will the USA Democracy fail same as other Nations in the past tried and failed because we just don’t listen same as previous generations that were not prudent failed in history by not listening to reason?

If Interested

Read the Source Links below.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

 Source Links

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Listen to reason


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