Which is worse?

The Epoch Times Article titled: Biden Wants to Kill 80 Percent to America’ Energy, reported the following statement:

“Perhaps over the next several decades wind or solar power will be cheap enough to meet our energy needs. But are we to starve ourselves of energy in the meantime? Are Americans willing to pay $4 or $5 dollars a gallon again to fill up their tank with Saudi or Russian oil or have to wait in long lines to fill up when they get mad at us and cut us off of their oil?”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb warning and idioms along with my personal opinions of an old long-time legislature who does not have any manufacturing experience making drastic changes in energy policies.

King Solomon

Better a poor but wise youth than an old but foolish king who no longer knows how to heed a warning. (Ecclesiastes 4:13)

Excerpt – Gils Bible Commentary

Old – The wise man proceeds to show the vanity of worldly power and dignity, in the highest instance of it, which is kingly; and, in order to illustrate and exemplify this, he supposes, on the one hand, a person possessed of royal honor; who has long enjoyed it, is settled in his kingdom, and advanced in years; and who otherwise, for his gravity and dignity, would be venerable; but that he is foolish, 

Youth – yet wise, and improving in knowledge, and willing to be advised and counselled by others, older and wiser than himself; he is much to be preferred to one that is old and foolish;

What’s My Point?

Having experience in manufacturing and purchasing energy for a very large supplier of power equipment for energy needs, when I read the opinion, it reminded me of the above ancient proverb.

We now have an old man for President who served his entire career in government politics, in his first week of office signed Climate Chane Orders which will take years to manufacture and implement the necessary machinery required to duplicate our present energy needs.

 What is foolish is at the same time he is impeding continuance of American present energy source of coal, oil, and gas production which will lead to reliance on non-American source to supply our energy needs before the Green Energy hopefully become available in the coming decades.

My point is if we discern the ancient proverb, we are now experiencing an old foolish President (king) “who no longer knows how to heeds a warning.”

In My Opinion

The Texas Energy meltdown we experienced this week in the USA is a prime example of people in government who have no experience in either manufacturing or energy management who did not heed warnings.

While I personally would agree that green energy is better for our planet than what we have now, I also believe that it is going to take a long time to manufacture the equipment necessary and have the same doubts that Green Energy will ever be sufficient to meet our present and future needs.

In other words, the old idiom, “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush” is a much wiser, safer and more reliable path for the USA to follow than shutting down existing energy production in the USA and returning to rely on the Mideast again to meet our energy requirements along with running up more trade deficits.

Better that the old foolish man listens to the wise younger man who wrote the article in the Epoch times before our Nation becomes poor paying $5 a gallon again by having to rely on foreign sources for oil.

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You Decide

There is another old idiom, “The only thing worse than a young fool is and old fool.”

 For example, which is worse? When a young fool focused on Green Energy writes up a Presidential Order for the President to sign is asked where does energy come from and he points to an electrical outlet?

Or an old fool who listens to the young fool and signs an Presential mandate which will return the USA to repeat the same folly we experienced of becoming dependent on sources 8000 miles away for energy, or for a N95 mask during a pandemic?

Is the idealist young man who wrote up the Presidential Order for the President to sign really wise or foolish?

Will legislators in Congress be wise to object or legislators foolish to be silent and allow the USA to become dependent again for our Nation’s energy needs?

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Source Link

Epoch Times Opinion Stephen Moore February 10, 2021


Excerpt Biblehub = Gils Bible Commentary