What does the Taliban still believe that was believed in ancient Old Testament Bible and will never change the “what is?”

The Chicago Tribune – AP – Wabash Valley article titled: Fleeing Fighting in the North, Afghans pack Kabul Parks, reported the following:

“She fled her village, Shahr-e-Kohna in Takhar province after 12 of her relatives were killed, she said. Four of them, including her brother and uncle, were in the police forces and were killed fighting the Taliban. When the insurgents seized the village, they identified their family as linked to the police and came to their house, where they shot eight other male relatives to death.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient Biblical Old Testament governing and religious practice that was similar to the Taliban beliefs and my opinion why this practice will continue to be nothing new under the sun until we wise up.

King Solomon


“There was no way to talk or make peace with them. They were the eternally irreconcilable enemy of Israel. So great was their hatred, Moses, who led us slaves out of Egypt, commanded that it become the sacred and preemptive duty to kill all Amalekites as the only means to end their provocations. Four hundred years later, King David, having united Israel with a powerful army, sent his General Joab to end the terror by killing all the Amalekites of Edom and end the continuous terrorism over the years.”

What’s My Point?

If we compare the Old Testament conflicts in the Mid-East and the governing and religious beliefs then to this news report, it is apparent that there still is nothing new under the sun that has changed with the beliefs of the Taliban methods compared to the ancient Old Testament beliefs of Israelites conflicts with the Amalekites over 3000 years ago.

My point is we never change from Old Testament governing, religious and cultural beliefs to what the Bible New Testament teaches us, there will continue to be nothing new under the sun in the Mid-East or the World.

In My Opinion

We all need to wise up and start reading the religious beliefs and directions in the Bible New Testament.

If we continue in the USA to allow the Christian beliefs our founders had when they fought and died for our freedom to wane, In my opinion what we are now reading in the news of shootings in Chicago and other high crime urban cities can be correlated to the waning of teaching the New Testament religious beliefs to our children.

What we now have leading us in the USA government are the many children who have grown up to become leaders who were neve taught in depth the religious beliefs of the New Testament and our founders dreams of freedom.

In my opinion, this conundrum will never be solved if we continue to do the same as King Solomon observed when he wrote the following Ecclesiastes verse.in his later time of life when he realized his vanity.

Until we do the same and wise up to opinion, this stops the present waning of the “true” religious beliefs of the New Testament to help direct straight paths for the USA and the World,

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

The reason I state the “true” religious beliefs is because many of us who believe we are Christiane no longer practice affiliation by attending regular weekly Church attendance or spending time to understand and follow the New Testament directions. Instead, we are spending our time repeating King Solomon’s chasing of the wind by pursuing vanities, some of which pastors or priests now believe instead of the “true religious teachings of the New Testament.

Add that we are not sending our children to religious schools and us by our own personal example of not attending church services is adding to the waning of our religious values.

If Interested

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You Decide

Are both news reports we are reading about Afghanistan and Chicago reporting “anything new under the sun” in our contemporary times that has changed in what has occurred in recorded history of human behaviors about war or conflicts conundrums l occurring in the USA and the World?

If you know the answer to this conundrum, I would love to understand how it will change the King Solomon observation, “nothing new under the sun” than the New Testament directions in the Bible to prevent the present state in the USA of “what is”,,,, blissful Ignorance described by Citizen Tom.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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