Should the Dreamers Act be amended to include granting citizenship to the community of both the USA. and God?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: School Choice has a less than choice history, explained the opinions of John Hale that because school choice was used in the past to avoid school disintegration mainly in the South that school vouchers or school choice needed in our contemporary times will promote racism in the USA.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate and ancient proverb and compare the present Dreamer’s Act to promote permanent residency and citizenship for children brought illegally into the USA by their parents. Or in other words become citizen members of the community of the USA because they are innocent of their parents’ actions to illegal enter the USA.

While at the same time many States in the USA laws and taxes make it unaffordable for most parents to send their children to private religious schools to qualify to become “permanent members” of the community of God.

Definition of Citizenship – Merriam Webster (google)

“Citizenship is defined by Merriam Webster as the quality of an individual ‘s response to membership in a community.”

King Solomon

1.To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven:

3.a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, (Ecclesiastes 3: 1,3)

What’s My Point?

If we compare the two issues of granting citizenship to children, both involve children being deprived of citizenship or even First Amendment Rights because of what their parents or chose to do when they were under the legal control of their parents during the most impressionable and influential times of their lives.

For Example

The children of illegal immigrants are not eligible to obtain the same benefits of citizenship as children born in the USA.

While at the same time children born in the USA cannot attend a private religious school to obtain the benefits of being taught how to become a citizen of God because of the reasoning of John Hale that school choice or school vouchers will promote racism in the USA because of what parents chose to do over seven decades ago mainly in Southern States when the Civil Rights Laws were passed.

In My Opinion

Illegal Immigrant Children Dreamers

Most voters today would approve having the children of illegal immigrants become citizens.  Same as most politicians would agree if the border would become secured to prevent the same problems to encourage more illegal entries and another influx as we are witnessing now.

 In other words, no one trusts in another Amnesty Bill because of the failure to enforce the last amnesty experience President Reagan signed. 

Legal Children in the USA Dreamers

I have written numerous posts to explain the inequities of most poor and middle-class parents no longer able to afford to send their children to a private religious school because if they do, they must still pay taxes for all of their lives to send children to public secular schools.

Add that the fact that seven decades have passed since the 1969 Federal Laws to end racism in the USA. And in 2020 the Supreme Court finally declared State laws to prevent public funding were unconstitutional because of religious biased laws passed by States.

In other words, the Federal Government and Supreme Court intervened seven decades ago to address racial inequities and two years ago finally ruled to end religious bigotry State laws.

Yet the Frist Amendment guaranteed Rights of Religion in the Frist Amendment passe over 200 years ago.

Yet mainly Democrat politicians are passionate to want to grant Rights of citizenship for children of illegal immigrants and are opposed to granting Rights for children to have school choice or school vouchers.

King Solomon’s wisdom advice written 3000 years ago was based on his observations of humans addressed the different times or “seasons” in their lives.

In my opinion, John Hale should discern USA children in our contemporary times should not be be held accountable for the inequities of past history follies, cultures or biased beliefs or actions. in history same as the parents of illegal immigrants’ parents in our contemporary times.

Same goes for children in our contemporary times should not have to be held accountable for what happened in past generations in history such as slavery, bigotry, and racial prejudices of those times.

In other words, voters and legislators should be in the very least be as passionate for school choice to make it affordable for parents to pass on their religious values to their children to be taught in depth how to live out their lives to serve both Gog and their country.

As for school vouchers, anyone who reads or listens to the news know that seeming is wrong with what is driving children in high crime urban areas to shoot or kill other members in the communities without any moral misgivings.

Yes, now is the time for voter and legislators to tear up the USA past inequities and racism and mend both the bodies and souls of children to be taught in debt the wisdom and love lessons of the Bible.

And now is the time for parents to speak out to the legislators who represent them and only vote for politicians who support school choice or school vouchers.

You Decide

Do you believe it is fair and equitable for religious faith parents to have to pay two tuitions, one to fund private religious schools of their choice, and one to fund secular public schools?

Do you believe young men and women shooting each other attended a private religious or secular public school?

Do you believe voters and politicians should have the same passion for USA children as they have for children of illegal immigrants?

Are the two issues of Dreamers and Religious Rights are comparing apples to oranges when both are issues address children “the quality of an individual ‘s response to membership in a community?

Do you believe if a government survey was conducted to compare statistics of every convicted criminal to find out if they attended a private religious, or a public secular school will help solve the conundrum of why there are so many shootings and crime in the USA?

If Interested

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Regards and goodwill blogging.

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