Should it be a conundrum for working adults to be more secure than children at work in schools?

Should a The Chicago Tribune Article Titled; Some CPS schools could start school with two officers, make us wonder about the wisdom or folly of Whole School Safety Committees and Local School Councils,”?

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an idiom, and an example of the different security measures taken for adults instead of children.

King Solomon

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. (Proverb 27:12)

Idiom – A stitch in time saves nine

Does the Phrase Denote “Precaution”?

Though precautionary in intent, it’s not necessarily so – at least not in action, as the idiom implies waiting for a “sign” of damage to the surface before prompting action. On the other hand, a precautionary measure is springing into action as a preventive measure, or even when there are no signs of an apparent malaise.

What’s My Point?

I walked into a Chicago downtown business building dressed in a t shirt and shorts to meet up with an acquaintance and could not help but notice four security personnel. One guard immediately came up to me and asked, “if they could help me” which is aa polite way of a security guard asking why or what was my purpose for entering the building lobby.

Obviously, because of significant number of vagrants or troublemakers experienced wandering around the area, they are hired to protect the adults and property of downtown business buildings.

Yet, for some reason, children in schools working are being subjected to political viewpoints of various political entities to not have Chicago policeman being stationed in Chicago Public Schools. A city experiencing high crime and shootings occurring daily along and with gang and drugs being sold secretly and even opening on public streets.

Worse yet, many people choosing on their own to carry guns for self-protection, some illegally.

My point is to wonder about the wisdom are folly of the choices being made to not have an armed police officer presence along with other security measures to not allow entry in schools by anyone who is not a teacher, student, or parent?

In My Opinion,

Having served as an auxiliary policeman and been assigned to various school social functions to have police presence to avoid danger is a prudent wise choice every parent of a child working in school, same as an adult working in a building.

There are variables of safety to consider of course depending on differences in high crime or poverty areas of every urban area.

That is why parents should be part of any decision instead of politicians or political entities, or “Whole School Safety Committees and Local School Councils,” and be given the choice, and if the do not agree to have the options of school choice or school vouchers to send their children where the decide has better school work safety, same as an adult is provided in a private business.

Same as every person may legally have a gun in their homes to protect them from a home invasion.

You Decide

Why should this question be a conundrum, when as the idiom being applied to children’s lives and safety issue: “On the other hand, a precautionary measure is springing into action as a preventive measure, or even when there are no signs of an apparent malaise.”

Or, how would King Solomon judge these decisions being made based on his proverbial wisdom proverb advice written 3000 years ago, and obviously no longer being taught to either politicians, school boards, or parents in relation to this conundrum?

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