How would you assign various weight factors to reduce the various issues that lead to Chicago Violence?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Chicago Mayor announces 200 million in new mixed-use development for underserved communities on South and West sides, reported “to spur development in disadvantaged communities.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate and ancient wisdom proverb to the issue of wisdom and discernment of assigning various weight factors to the issues driving high violent crime and poverty in Chicago and other urban cities.

King Solomon

Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore, get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding. (Proverbs 4:7)

Weighting Factors Definition

“Weighting factors are estimated values indicating the relative importance of each item in a group as compared to other items in the group. The purpose of assigning weight factors is straightforward …the help establish work priorities.”

What’s My Point?

In a previous 2017 post titled: King Solomon, a Tilted Surface, I related a physic law formula to Chicago Violence. The effect of adding weight factors to issues of the vertical line serves to relate the various social reality factors that add to the velocity, or faster rate of crime will result.

The list of items is: Poor Education, Drugs, Gangs, Poverty, Unemployment, Unlawful Guns, Single Parent Families

My point is if we assign weighting factor to the above items to discern what are or is the main drivers of crime and violence, and crime and poverty to the factor, I frankly don’t believe the 200 million investments will help reduce crime and poverty as would another item listed.

In My Opinion

While investing 200 million will serve to reduce poverty by adding jobs in the short term, only a limited number of residents will benefit by establishing business in the area. However, when you breakdown buildings and real estate costs for materials, only a small portion of the 200 million will be realized by the jobs and labor of residents in the areas.

Of all the items, the only item which address all the other items is good education. Good education in my opinion should include teaching children religious morals because every other item on the list is related to a lack of morals.

In other words, the State of Illinois will in the long-term benefit by allowing free choice or school vouchers to help children obtain moral religious in depth understanding of the wisdom and love lessons in the Bible.

Lessons that teach children the wisdom of the Bible morals to never consider shooting or killing, robbing or selling drugs to profit or revenge, and why marriage and family is a blessing/ Add spirituality and discipline of learning leads to obtaining skills and wealth over time.

All of the above teachings are now unlawful to teach in public secular schools because the values are related to the Bible and religion..

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You Decide

Should providing a good education be a conundrum to obtain that includes teaching wisdom and discernment of the Bible as King Solomon advice 3000 years ago in the Old Testament of the Bible?

Should providing a good education be a conundrum that includes teaching Bible Love verses such as “Do unto others only what you would do to yourself,” as taught in the New Testament of the Bible?

Should a higher weighting factor priority be assigned to reduce violence by voters an incentive to elect legislators to support school choice or school vouchers,. which in my opinion, would assign the highest priority to influence children to discern the wisdom and love paths of life now unlawful to teach in a public school?

Would investing in developing a manufacturing center instead of warehouses in the neighborhoods and returning manufacturing jobs to Chicago that were outsourced to other Nations provide more long-term employment needed to reduce poverty in the areas?

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