What does the phrase, “it’s the internet stupid,” have in common with our Nation Founder’s, the Arizona Election Audit, and bird wisdom?

The Chicago Tribune- AP news article titled: GOP election outcry led to breaches, reported the GOP leaked the computer codes of the voting equipment used in the Arizona Audit and now all of the voting machines can be breached by internet pirates to affect future elections.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom proverb to the conundrum and two other clues to understanding the relationship of an altered Bill Clintons Political Statement phrase “it’s the internet, stupid” to the Chicago Tribune – AP  writer’s  blame and fears about the GOP Arizona Audit.

King Solomon – Clue No. One

 Go to the ant, sluggard; Consider her ways, and be wise!

 She that hath no judge, Director, and ruler: (Proverb 65-7)

Founders of American Democracy – Clue No 2

“Thus, the Constitution created a limited government designed to protect liberty, not to foster democracy.” (p. 16) But the United States “consistently has moved toward more democracy, and the unintended side effect has been a reduction in liberty.” (p. 25)

Arizona Audit Internet Breach Fears – Clue No. Three

Democrat Political opponents of the Republican Arizona Audit are in fear and refuse  to obey the several subpoenas to Maricopa County for access to the ballots cast in the 2020 election, related documents, and other equipment, such as the voting machines used in the county.

What’s My Point?

The King Solomon Proverb has two wisdom advices. The first is to advise humans to observe small creatures’ industry behaviors. For example, if we compare industry of ants to a lazy human sluggard who winds up becoming dependent on others instead of themselves.

We can also compare King Solomons advise to observe birds to compare to human behaviors. For example: “Dominant individuals within animal groups will frequently place themselves in the most beneficial position for maximal protection against predation. Higher perches are generally associated with reduced predation risk in birds, so we predicted that dominant birds will preferentially place themselves on higher perches.

My point is the Chicago Tribune- AP article is one clue to point us to the possibility that the 2020 election could have been hacked because of the fear some States voting machines were connected to the internet, which made the machines susceptible to being hacked.  

Its t also points us to what the founders of the USA greatest fear of the founders had about the greatest threat to the principles of Democracy.


Government – If you relate the present course of how the Federal Government has continually become more powerful over States pawers over time, we should consider the statement of warning “the United States “consistently has moved toward more democracy, and the unintended side effect has been a reduction in liberty.”

Internet – If we consider that the internet has become the main communication method of transmission of data that has an effect of controlling everything in the USA, both human, government, and industry. For example, the recent hacking that shut down gas pipelines in the Southeast, and the fears of the possibility the 2020 election was hacked. The internet routers could prove the 2020 election may have been hacked. Similar to the same “unintended effects” of a “reduction in liberty.”

King Solomon – If we consider how we have become “sluggards” by allowing ourselves to be judged, directed, and controlled by more aggressive politicians by allowing Washington DC to rule over States which is precisely what our Founders feared would result in a “reduction of liberty,”

In My Opinion

What we need to do to restore trust in our elections is to prevent any internet access to any voting equipment. All that is needed in every precinct is a computerized tabulator of ballots. The results of the tabulations be communicated on statements signed by all who worked in the voting precents and backed up by actual ballots transmitted in writing to a centralized State Vote tabulation center.

If we have to wait a week longer for the final election results, so be it to avoid what is now being experienced from the result of the 2020 election. That being fear and mistrust of the results were hacked or controlled by aggressive birds sitting in control of the highest perch’s we sluggards have allowed them to sit on.

You Decide

If the Federal Government record of not being in control of internet hacking taking control of business and industry in the USA, should we also fear they really have no control over the results of voting machines being connected to the internet?

Is the phrase, “it’s the internet, stupid,” a wise or foolish discernment of the conundrum, fears of two election integrity, and the founder’s wisdom when they designed the Constitution to decentralize Federal Government from obtaining the present power to judge, direct and control freedom in our Democrat Republic?

Can we humans be considered sluggard voters for allowing politicians to change the Founders wisdom of a decentralized government control to allow aggressive birds ion Washington to sit on high perches in Washington DC to judge, direct, and control communications in our Nation such as internet and a controlled news media is being used to protect special interests?

Should the GOP be blamed by the AP article writer, or should she be giving accolades to the auditors for questioning the 2020 election results for the possibility it was hacked?

If Interested

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