Why are public school students ‘suffering,’ and which ‘inglorious” definitions would you choose is the reason parents are allowing their children to ‘suffer’ in the USA?

Definition of inglorious – Merriam Webster

1: SHAMEFUL, IGNOMINIOUS an inglorious defeat

2: not glorious: lacking fame or honor made an inglorious comeback

Definition of suffer – Merriam Webster

1a: to submit to or be forced to endure suffer martyrdom

b: to feel keenly: labor under suffer thirst


3: to put up with especially as inevitable or unavoidable

4: to allow especially by reason of indifference the eagle suffers little birds to sing— William Shakespeare

intransitive verb

1: to endure death, pain, or distress

2: to sustain loss or damage

3: to be subject to disability or handicap

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, a Bible verse, and information for parents to discern about a Chicago Tribune News Article titled” About Christian Schools and Covid-19.

King Solomon

Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers. (Proverb 17:6)

Deuteronomy 28:41

You shall have sons and daughters but they will not be yours, for they will go into captivity.

What’s My Point?

If we discern the news article opinion that School Unions control Politicians, and while public schools closed last year because of Covid while Christian schools did not. Add the recent decision of the Supreme Court that previous State Laws to prohibit public funding of private schools is unconditional, should we discern my following point?

My point is to wonder why are we parents and grandparents are allowing School Unions and Politicians to make us pay two tuitions anymore? One tuition to pay our tax money for public school funding and one to send a child to private religious school which currently almost all politicians and 40 percent of public-school teachers send their children?

In My Opinion

In the upcoming election any parent who discerns the inequity of the use of their tax funding and supports any politician who will vote against school choice or preferably school vouchers are either unaware of the choice they have or in my opinion allowing the school unions and politicians to “You shall have sons and daughters but they will not be yours, for they will go into captivity.

Captivity of school unions and politicians who make choices to teach subjects that are opposite the religious beliefs of parents.

As for grandparents, they too should vote against any politician who sends his children to private schools and makes them continue to pay for education of every child for the rest of their lives as is now the case.

Especially since the Supreme Court allows parents to obtain school choice or school funding now that the bias State laws originally passed in States were passed because of politician’s bias against Catholics after the Civil War which supposedly was to free slaves from ‘captivity’

If interested

Read the Source Links below

You Decide

Are parents wise or foolish to allow their children, which one or all of the above Merriam Webster word definitions of “inglorious or suffering?

Should we discern and consider the far withier issue of the failure of public schools and the Supreme Court decision to make it unlawful to teach any religious morals to our children, and in my opinion is the main reason we are reading about the high rates of crime and shootings taking place in our Nation?

Are voters in a Democrat Republic supposed to vote for legislators to represent their interests or the interests of School unions or politicians who for some reason choose to send their children to private schools that most poor or middle-class families can no longer afford because anything the Government manages seems to raise costa of any product or service?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune/Real Clear Education Article – August 30, 2021 –

Real Clear Education – Parent Survey Christian Schools Vastly Outperforming Public Schools During Covid-19

Christian Schools Vastly Outperforming Public Schools During COVID-19, According to New Survey of Parents | RealClearEducation

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