How should we objectively rate Biden skills after eight months for accomplishing his missions based using King Solomons wisdom measurements of two words only, Wise of Foolish, on just three issues?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Biden defends exit from ‘forever war,’ contained his following statement about the Taliban.:

“We don’t take them by their word alone, but by their actions,” Biden said. “We have leverage to make sure those commitments are met.””

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate how King Solomon only used two words of rating any action of humans, wise or foolish.

In our contemporary times we rate politicians by feelings of judging managers as either empty suits, or in logic ‘The Bandwagon Fallacy ‘which is “(or someone in power who has widespread backing) supposedly thinks or does something, it must therefore be true and right.”

The purpose of this post is to use Bidens above statement “not to take the Taliban in their word alone, but by His actions “during his eight months of management on three issues which has occurred in the USA in the last eight months on three issues.


2.Border Control,

3.Prevention of Covid spread of Delta variant into USA.

King Solomon

Clouds and wind and no rain, a man who boasts about a non-existent gift. (Proverb 25:14)

Management Skills Rating Method for Mission Managers

“A mission manager’s primary function is to get the project delivered on target,” 

 What’s My Point?

If we American’s somehow set aside our political bias and judge President Joe Biden objectively based on the five points Management Skills method using either wise or foolish instead of feelings and logic, what would be the score for his actions on just the three actions be the same as my following opinions.

In My Opinion?

Immigration – Foolish

Because Trump finally fixed the border after forty years of empty suit political buck passing.t.

Afghanistan – Foolish

Because of the last-minute trudges that occurred because of mismanagement both militarily and apparent lack of planning for continuities which occurred.

Covid Delta Variant Spread into USA – Foolish

Because Biden did not close the USA borders as did Trump to prevent or control entry into USA. Add he never has achieved his 70 percent goal of vaccinations which even if he had, vaccinations are not 100 percent effective to prevent infections of the Delta variant.

Overall Score on the Three Issues – Empty Suit Politician

You Decide

If you do not agree with my opinion ratings, are you being objective to the rating questions or can your logic be classified as being ‘the Bandwagon Fallacy’?

Should President Joe Biden objectively be rated as another Empty Suit politician based on his actions rating during his eight months in office?

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Did Biden really beat Trump’s Management Skills?

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Administrative and Mission Managers

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