Should everybody be awarded the same opportunity to help reduce what government is obviously unable to do in our contemporary times?

The Chicago Tribune opinion article titled: Giving birth now is mandatory in Texas, commented the following:

“The scheme is fiendishly clever, delegating enforcement to private citizens.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate and ancient wisdom proverb, an idiom, and to suggest that since most laws in USA are not being enforced or obeyed, perhaps we should expand on the clever scheme which worked in ancient times by governments.

King Solomon

A whip for the horse, a bridle for the donkey, and a rod for the backs of fools! (Proverb 25:3)


“A bridle was very proper and usual for an ass, when they rode upon it, (as the Jews most commonly did,) though not to restrain him from running away, which is the principal use of it in horses, yet that the rider might rule and guide him, which was very necessary for that stupid creature. Although the ancient interpreters render it a goad, or spur, or something of the like nature and use. A rod for the fool’s back; which is most proper and necessary for him. Not words, but blows, must make him better, “(Bible hub Poles Commentary)

Idiom –

Fight fire with fire

What’s My Point?

I am not proposing we return to whipping or beating backs with rods as a punishment for breaking laws.

Rather, I am comparing the writer’s comment of a “fiendishly clever scheme” passed by Texas be applied to everyone. That is because if we discern our contemporary times of having millions of laws being put on the backs of government to enforce instead of teaching righteousness in the USA, we are in effect passing but not enforcing the laws.

For example – In My Opinion

Immigration Laws

The present administration is not enforcing border immigration laws passed in the last amnesty forty years ago which stated it is illegal for employers to hire illegal immigrants.

Would the problem be reduced significantly if we allow citizens to sue the employers and obtain a $10,000 bounty?

Allow States to sue the Federal Government for the costs States are incurring by sending State National Guards costs to enforce the border.

Criminal Laws

In Chicago, the police rates for solving crime are so low it is obvious they are ineffective at preventing gang revenge or territory shootings taking place daily.

In other words, in ancient times the courts only judged tort matters, and left it up to families to revenge anyone who kills or harms someone in their family.

Since this same practice is apparently now in effect by default, whether seeing a gang member would be folly for the person living in the gang community. Citizens should have the right to sue the legislators for their personal assets for allowing gang members not to be confined and free to harm a witness or innocent victim who will testify against the criminal.

In My Opinion,

While law scholars and lawyers may accuse me of being a fool for suggesting the above measures, perhaps we should consider if the “fiendishly shrewd law” should be expanded because what we now have certainly is not working, in my opinion.

As for abortion, if anyone takes the time to discern why both men and women engage in sex without taking preventative measures, knowing it could result in an abortion decision because they are not married, perhaps we should allow women to sue the fathers, or perhaps do not allow intercourse until married to reduce the need for abortions.

For example, most married couples statistically have the lowest number of abortions.

And if children were taught religious values in depth, perhaps both men and women might understand better the Spiritual reasons for marriage and family instead of in our contempt times of ever-increasing single family households which statistically result in what we are now witnessing in the USA because we perhaps need more need “fiendishly clever, delegating enforcement to private citizens.”

And the reason we need more clever laws is the main protagonist of folly has been described as a clever evil type of fellow believed to reward his followers with a warm fiery dwelling place in eternity.

You Decide

Wise or foolish Texas law, or are more “fiendishly clever, delegating enforcement to private citizens” to “fight fire with fire? And that perhaps because obviously both man’s and Spiritual laws and teachings of our children in the USA are not working, our laws need to be adjusted for various man and animals as King Solomon above proverb advised 3000 years ago.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below.

Chicago Tribune

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Biblehub Commentary Proverb 26:3

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