Is Covid lethal to the majority or minority of humans? If so, what should we discern to do next?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: About another EU travel ban, reported 27 European countries are banning anyone not vaccinated into their countries.

Is it time for the USA to do the same?

Is it time for the USA to discern who is dying from Covid and ban them or allow them to choose for themselves?

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, and an idiom to discern what government leaders of the USA needs to be winnowed out and coming in to the USA?

King Solomon

A wise king winnows out the wicked; he drives the threshing wheel over them. (Proverb 20:26)

Threshing Wheel Definition – Merriam Webster

1: to separate seed from (a harvested plant) mechanically also: to separate (seed) in this way

Idiom – When in Rome do as the Romans Do

One should do what is customary or typical in a particular place or setting, especially when one is a tourist

What’s My Point?

After reading a Citizen Tom post and comments, and Tom’s reply to me, I decided to voice my personal opinion in relation to our Nation’s experiences with Covid.

It is now close to two years that the Covid virus made its appearance into the World.

Masks and Vaccines are now available for those who choose to reduce the risks of becoming infected. Or to choose what who or what to believe about the personal risks for themselves or family members.

The news is filled with information of various opinions, accusations, and State Governors choosing either to mandate or not, or to close businesses and schools or not, or require government employees to be vaccinated, etc.

My point is we now have both data and experience which we did not have before. In other words, we need wisdom to discern what our next wise rather than foolish paths to follow based on both science, facts, statistics, acquired.

In My Opinion

Government needs to discern a wise path to follow in a supposed Nation founded on principals of freedom and liberty to make wise or foolish choices on what part they want to choose for their future.

And if citizens choose the wrong path, they will be either become infected and experiences either a mild or severe flu virus, or be “threshed out” of their own lives as a result of their own future path in life.

As for the idiom advice, it is apparent that the European Union has chosen another path. That is if you do not allow travelers into your Nation, the risks are reduced along with the revenues obtained from tourism.

Businesses and Corporations in the USA have this same path available to them and may choose to restrict employees not vaccinated into their doors and by doing so, may lose revenues. Or, perhaps may reduce expenses by not having to pay higher medical insurance rates to pay for employees who contract Covid.

In other words, in the Source Links below, a Statista report of the ages of people who have died from Covid. If the elderly chooses not to be vaccinated the report shows the higher risk factors that may result.

If anyone chooses not to wear a mask, preferably a N95 mask used by medical peroneal treating highly contagious Covid patients, or. if they choose a surgical mask same as use in doctors’ offices who first ask perinate question to find out the risk factor of a patient having been exposed or not vaccinated, may not allow the patent to visit the doctor, same as a business or employer choice.

Sadly, in my opinion, our present government leaders in power seem to choosing other paths. For example, by allowing our borders to continue to be open without emulating what the EU has mandated. Allowing unvaccinated or untested legal or illegal immigrants or tourists into the USA is not wise in my opinion.

I say this because in my last doctor visit, I was informed that there are now four variants of Covid they are treating.

You Decide

Do we have a wise or foolish King managing our Nation….as King Solomon proverb written 3000 years ago …? “A wise king winnows out the wicked; he drives the threshing wheel over?

Has any government threshing taken place by our present Government leaders same as the the wise or foolish King advised how to manage a Nation to prevent the “seeds of Covid variants from being spread by travelers into the USA?

Is the USA, by allowing unvaccinated tourists into the USA profiting or losing tax revenues by paying medical costs for its citizens or travelers who may contracting or spreading the Covid variants both now and in the future?

Is making choices in life, while not the same risk of picking a favorite color of an M^M, while not the same weight choice, never the less something we learn from experience.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below and a previous post.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune

Citizen Tom – Wisdom



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