Will it save or destroy Chicago and other Cities in the USA in the future?

The Chicago Tribune articles today reported the Chicago Bears may leave while another reported the groundbreaking of the South Side Obama Presidential Center in Chicago, a city experiencing record high rates and shootings and violence.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom proverb and ‘perhaps a myth?’ of how a women’s heart was believed to perfect a man’s stony heart to this conundrum question?

King Solomon

There was a small city with few men. A mighty king came against it, surrounded it, and built large siege ramps against it. 15Now a poor wise man was found in the city, and he saved the city by his wisdom. Yet no one remembered that poor man. (Ecclesiastes 9:14,15)

Excerpt – Perhaps a Myth?

“No Bilquist, your question brought back a pleasant thought of a discussion I once had with a wise man about the creation of women. His belief was that when Adam slept, Yahweh also took a portion of Adam’s stony heart along with his rib to make Eve. He then perfected her heart by inserting mercy and benignity. That that is how the conjunction of male and female, although distinct and separate of masculine and feminine, became the perfect union of Yahweh’s creation.”

What’s My Point?

The history of Chicago’s beautiful lakefront is the result of wisdom and vision of man, and the hearts of the women, to protect the lakefront for residents’ access to one of the cities greatest and most beautiful t assets Lake Michigan.

Before air conditioning, millions would seek refuge on the lakefront to cool off while watching sailboats sailabout the waters.

Over time the wise city planners developed the lakefront to attract tourists by building hotels, ethnic restaurants, stores, entertainment, and sports activities.

During prohibition, the city reputation for lax enforcement of prohibition added tourists along with incentives for criminal elements to prosper along with Chicago tourism.

Residents were attracted from all over the Nation because of the added opportunities of manufacturing jobs along with Chicago National central rail transporting.

My point is to relate the history of Chicago both wise men who ‘saved the city; the foolish decisions, in relation to the myth if a women heart trait of mercy and benight perfection in relation to the forgotten wisdom now evident in the above two news reports.

In My Opinion

Chicago’s central location and lakefront is and always will be an asset to profit in the future, However, because of foolish decisions made by government leaders in both history and our contemporary times, when based on mercy and benignity which should be assets in any society, the foolish decisions weigh more heavily on the scales toward foolish instead of wisdom.

For example

I visited Chicago a few weeks ago to walk the river trail to Navy Pier to enjoy the lakefront and eat at one of my favorite restaurants. I went on a weekday morning so I could return before nightfall because of less risk of becoming a crime victim statistic which for the most part takes place after working hours.

What I experienced was the restaurant had closed along with a number of other businesses, far less foot traffic, all caused by the Covid pandemic resulted in the future to be dimmer.

Add that when and if the Bears leave the city, and the tourists to the Obama Center are afraid to visit once it is built because to do so will require a tourist to be transported across a high crime and shooting area, and the future appears dimmer.

Add that one of the main reasons the city of Chicago attracted residents was manufacturing jobs that left the city because of high taxes by short sighted government leaders, and the future became dimmer.

While massive warehouses are being welcomed and built in the city to create jobs, the job wages are less than manufacturing jobs because it requires less skill by the workers.

And in my opinion, if the city government leaders continue to focus on mercy and benighity to allow people arrested for carrying a gun to be freed rather than locked up before being convicted for ignoring man’s laws, the future for the residents in the communities is dimmer.

And if the city leaders continue to ignore the pleas of parents to allow them to choose what schools they want their children to attend now that school vouchers are legal, the children  of the future will never have the opportunity to be taught the wisdom and love in the Bible. History has proven religion to be the most effective remedy to instill wisdom and love into the future residents on their future paths so as not to make the same foolish decisions as sadly many residents who cannot afford to send their children to private schools same as 40 percent of the public school teachers, the mayor, and most politicians now do, in the city of Chicago and the Nation.

That is because of the history of economics in every society that is if parents you cannot afford to send your child to be taught religious values, private schools and communities close down both physically and mentally to make the future even dimmer

And add that allowing recreational drugs to become more accessible to more people will make the future of more people even dimmer and their minds cloudier as proven by the CTC government studies based on the two women’s perfect hearts or their wisdom and folly of presenting the Bill to be voted on by our present perfect hearts and minds of government leaders.

You Decide.

Are the scales of wisdom, mercy and benignity for criminals and children in the future going to be more weight y to the scales of bright and darkness for the future of Chicago residents and our Nation?

Is it wise or foolish to remain silent about the conundrum and  future of Chicago and other urban areas while experiencing the wisdom or folly of government leaders selected by voters to represent their interests in the communities they live and experience during the short time spans in everyone’s life on earth?

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