Finally, a news reporter asks a King Solomon question!

The Chicago Tribune Editorial titled: Forget the homicide rankings, bring on the solutions, contained the following statement.

“Nor do the raw numbers tell us much about the causes of our gun violence epidemic and what can be the cures.

Why, for example, did homicides rise in 2020 while most other crimes declined? The pandemic? Illegal guns? Lax prosecutors?”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an idiom, and my accolades to the Chicago Tribune for “winnowing” the report as wise King Solomon advised 3000 years ago.

King Solomon

A wise king winnows out the wicked; he drives the threshing wheel over them. 21Disaster pursues sinners, but prosperity is the reward of the righteous.… (Proverb 20:26-27)

Idiom – What you don’t know won’t hurt you

What you don’t know won’t hurt you What you do not know will not worry or harm you. The expression is most often used, to justify not giving information to someone to avoid potential damage if it subsequently becomes known that he/she was in possession of the full facts before a particular course was followed. (google)

What’s My Point?

If we discern the editorial and relate it to the proverb and idiom, what we will realizes is the FBI report lacks the “full facts before a particular course were followed.”

In other words, if we don’t winnow out the reason why people are killing each other, we cannot “drive out the threshing wheel over them: Instead, we jump around with various reasoning for the shootings, such as Covid, jobs, poverty, etc., never to acknowledged what are the facts that bring about a person to believe he should shoot someone.

For example, another article in the Chicago Tribune reported that 44 percent of people in jail have mental health problems and we need to focus on mental health.

However, based on the number of shootings occurring on the streets, the shooters are not in jail and for the most part are terrorizing people not to testify against them.

In My Opinion

In 1965, all the reasons and strategies were known and explained in a speech in detail of what is the main driver of the shootings.

In my opinion, all of what is occurring can be related to the fact that if you do not teach religious values to children to avoid engaging in the facts detailed in the speech, the children grow up and, sadly, the strategy used becomes their way of life as an adult

If interested

Read the Source Links below,

You Decide,

If after reading the articles, will you winnow your eyes to the facts and when you vote in the next election, vote only for legislators who support school choice and school vouchers?

If after reading, do you believe our present law system is not adequate to deal with solving the shootings because witnesses are too terrified to come forward for fear of reprisal by the shooters.

Do you believe the shootings will just disappear over time or will the strategy being used work even better in the future now that generations have become accustomed to the strategy, especially in poor areas and single-family households where the majority of shootings are occurring now??

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