Can our contemporary understanding of the meaning of Political Correctness be related to evil gang mentality? If so, how do we begin to return from a convoluted, to a straight path?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Marist High School students protest after peers knelt during a Spanish-language song at homecoming: ‘We feel unsafe’, reported students kneeling at a high school dance when a non-English dance song began.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an idiom, definitions and post series of how the term political correctness “became convoluted”. Add definitions of gang mentality to compare, and the result is when adolescents view the examples of adult behaviors being seen or read in the news, TV, radio, of our legislators, parents, priests or pastors, teacher, judges, their paths become convoluted.

In other words, my point is we need to return to the original definition of what political correctness we adults should be giving to adolescents, hopefully, to return to the examples of the Wisdom and Love of Jesus Christ path in life described in the Bible.

King Solomon

The Benefits of Wisdom
…14from those who enjoy doing evil and rejoice in the twistedness of evil, 15whose paths are crooked and whose ways are devious.(Proverb 2:14, 15)


The expression “you reap what your sow” is a way to say that eventually, the consequences of your actions will catch up with you. You will be forced to accept them. This idiom is derived from the Bible’s Galatians chapter 6 verse 7. It refers to the action’s farmers take to grow crops. (Google)

Gang a group of persons working to unlawful or antisocial ends especially: a band of antisocial adolescents

Mentality Definitions Merriam Webster  

Examples of mentality in a Sentence

most teenagers do not have the mentality to foresee the consequences of such risky behavior

What’s My Point?

Even though the core teachings of Catholic School are to be taught to “do unto others as you would have done to you” their actions to kneel as a group is in fact to emulate what they see and hear in the news on social issues.

The students knelt because their adolescent minds have become convoluted by the examples of what seems to obtain attention by politicians who practice the evil meaning of political correctness first introduced by the Communists to change adolescents to their views of the supposedly right path of their political and social beliefs they are witnessing in the news.

In other words, in an adolescent’s gang mentality, they did “unto others what they have seen on TV adults’ example” that are considered ‘politically correct” thing to do which convolutes the true meaning of the Bible verse.

In in a previous post, I explained what should be the meaning of political correctness path for politicians instead of the examples they are now engaged in as described in Citizen Tom’s post series on Political Correctness being demonized (evil or sinful) instead of being what its meaning was before Communism convoluted its meaning.

What we are now seeing is what the idiom described and was actually prophesied would occur in the USA in 1966.

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You Decide

If after reading, should the term political correctness be restored to its righteous rather than evil meaning by the examples of our politicians and leaders instead of the evil meaning being displayed by adults to adolescent children to emulate.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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Chicago Tribune

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Comment Excerpts on Citizen Tom’s post on Political Correctness


You stated, “When we demonize our opponents, we lie about them, and lying is a sin.”

“However, there is a righteous side to the term political correctness. That is when we demand our legislators to be politically correct and adhere to the oaths of office they take when entering office………”

Tom’s Reply Comment

. @Scatterwisdom

“The expression “politically correct” did have a righteous purpose originally. The Communists corrupted it. If you want to take the expression back and make it roughly equivalent to keeping the oath of office, that makes sense to me.”

1966 Prophesy