Who, What, When and Where are Parental Rights under attack issues in the news?

The Chicago Tribune news article titled: Illinois poised to revisit abortion, reported: “Push to repeal parental notification (of a minor) could test limits of Dems power to change Illinois Republican law to require parents to be notified before an abortion

In a Chicago Tribune article titled: Column: Concerned parents aren’t ‘domestic terrorists,’ except when they behave like one complained parents are acting like terrorists at school board meetings

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, a Biblical reminder, to help understand this conundrum of Who, What, When, and Where of the two issues.

King Solomon 

My son, keep your father’s command and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. (Proverb 6:20)

Judgement of Solomon – Excerpts Biblical Narrative

“One of the babies had been smothered, and each claimed the remaining boy as her own. “

“Give the baby to her, just don’t kill him!”

What’s My Point?

If we discern the present issues of parental Rights now under attack by Government powers to decide issues such as a being notified their child of having an abortion, and parents not being able to afford to send their kids to a private religious school to be taught in debt religious values.

Moral values they trust and believe in instead of secular government deciding what they must be taught which are opposite to a parent’s religious values.

Is it any wonder that Church leaders and parents are beginning to get angry and act like terrorists because they no longer trust in government meetings and school board meetings are listening to their moral concerns for their children?

Instead of being decided by Government politicians’ power and authority instead of parents authority’

Especially when they view riots taking place in the streets on TV and no one is held accountable for the damages to life and property.

In My Opinion

When parents allow their children to be taken away from them, it is folly to believe Government powers know better than parents.

We need to reverse this folly already proven to have failed in history of other Nations to return trust of parents and citizens instead of Government by voting for legislators to support school vouchers.

If Interested

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You Decide

If you are a parent, do you agree that Government knows better than you what is best for your children.

If you are a taxpayer, do you believe it is fair for you to pay two tuitions with your taxes, one for public schools and one for the school of your choice, to make it unaffordable for you to choose what moral values you want your child to be taught?

While reality in history and life is some parents are not ideal, wise, or foolish, should all parents lose authority of their children because of a few?

Is it wise or foolish to foolish compare these issues to King Solomons judgement and discernment to:  “Give the baby to her, just don’t kill him!” or be “smothered” in public schools with moral values opposite to a parent?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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