Is school choice or vouchers being blackballed as an issue by the mainstream media and politicians?

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Wish more would do the same,,,,,,,,, because for some reason, the issues (double tuitions, religious First Amendment Rights, Democrat’s resistance, private school costing less than public schools, parents concern of teaching values opposite to their religious values, etc.) never seem to be in news or editorials, that I read.

While I seem to remember the issue of two tuitions issue was brought up over 30 years ago before the recent Supreme Court decision, The decision that State Blaine Amendments after the Civil War to prevent public funds be used for Catholic schools was incantational, there seems to be some kind of blackballing by the news media to support or even mention school vouchers to the general public.

I sometime wonder if perhaps Covid, to make us aware of the differences of how private religious schools managed to stay open while public schools could not. Add the CRT theory mandate of politicians interfering to pass laws of what they want children to be indoctrinated, and the high crime rates because kids and parents no longer ever learn in depth religious values in childhood because they have no school choices, and the ever-increasing tax burdens continuing to spiral because anything the government manages always seems to cost more…. should we wonder why the main stream news never brings up the issue of school choice.

Even the religious clergy seem to be silent???????????


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The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate a King Solomon verse and question to discern if this issue has been blackballed by the exclusive “gentlemen’s clubs  of news media owners, news editors, politicians, and even clergy?

King Solomon

If you see the poor oppressed in a district, and justice and rights denied, do not be surprised at such things; for one official is eyed by a higher one, and over them both are others higher still. (Ecclesiastes 5:8)

What’s My Point?

Blackballing is not illegal unless it is used as a form of deformation of character.

However, supposedly, the purpose of Journalism is to “to provide people with the information they need to be free and self-governing,”

My point is wonder if news media is blackballing issues, it is not fulfilling their supposed purpose.

In My Opinion,

In a previous post, I explained how news media in the USA has been reduced in numbers for various reasons in our contemporary   times and most local news source rely on ‘syndicated news sources” for economic reasons.

However, there is a fine line between news syndication and blackballing issues by opinions of individual journalists or new medial owners who may believe that government monopolies pros and cons of educational issues are better for society if controlled by government rather than religious leaders.

Add that most school teacher unions contribute to Democrat politicians instead of Republican politicians, even though teachers are needed in both public and privates’ schools should not be a fearful issue for teacher unions job security if the same amounts of tax funding are routed to a private religious school as a public school.

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You Decide

Is now the time, since the Supreme Court has ruled tax funds can be used to fund both private or public schools if legislators pass State laws? Which some States are now doing based on income to benefit both poor and now even middle-class families who cannot afford to pay two tuitions, one in the form or taxes to pay for public schools and one to pay for private schools.

Should we be asking legislators if they will support school choice or school vouchers in upcoming elections before we vote for them in the same manner as the Family Alliance type organization Citizen Tom is associated with?

Do you ever wonder if an issue of your concern is being blackballed by news media even though the purpose of journalism is to “to provide people with the information they need to be free and self-governing?”

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