Is it wise or foolish for humans concerned with environment global warming when it is known that more trees need to be planted to reduce carbon pollution, that 100 million plus trees are being cut down to be used for Christmas decorations??

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Suburban Tree farms gear up for the season. reports the market demand for cut down trees is growing.  

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom proverb verse to the wisdom or folly of our world leaders.

King Solomon

`I sought to cheer my body with wine and to embrace folly—my mind still guiding me with wisdom—until I could see what was worthwhile for men to do under heaven during the few days of their lives. (Ecclesiastes 2:2)

What’s My Point?

Is to wonder if our world leaders being so concerned with carbon pollution are fools to ignore the need for tree planting and forest conservation is the lowest fruit hanging option available to reduce carbon pollution on our planet.

I read up on the pros and cons, and legends and beliefs to link the tradition of Christmas trees to Jesus Christ. I read that pros and cons of tree farmers claims that they plat 3-4 new trees for every one cut down. I read how to make use of cut don drees for firewood which adds carbon are to mulch instead of place in garbage dumps, etc. etc.

My point is to wonder who to believe is anyone in our world is really serious about reversing carbon pollution to reduce supposed global warming or clear the air form being contaminated with carbon pollution.

In My Opinion

My point is somehow I believe that instead of cutting down any tree right now for the reason of decorations, legend, traditions of the past is pure folly while at the same time we are supposedly concerned with finding alternate sources of energy needed for home and industry…

The simplest solution is for every family home is to do what I did. I planted a blue spruce in my front yard and decorated it outside every year until it grew too tall to reach. Inside, we simplest used only three artificial trees over fifty years. I wish I would have kept the aluminum one because it is now a collector’s item.

When I planted the tree, my family did the same thing as described in the news article, we as a family drove out to a local tree farm to pick out the three-foot blue spruce. The difference was the spruce was dug up and balled to be planted instead of cut down.

The tree has grown so tall now, it is impossible to decorate it with light bulbs, so instead I plan to use outdoor lighting to reflect same as I witnessed is being done now at the Morton Arboretum light show in the Chicago area that is drawing 6000 spectators every night.

And why not plant trees side by side on on every street home and highway in the USA?

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You Decide

Will we humans ever be taught how not to “embrace folly” King Solomon observed 3000 years ago to prevent us repeating what he experiences doting his wise and foolish life. Both practical and Spiritual wisdom advice to warn us humans what from repeating his errors which he sadly observed would be ignored. Not only ignored, put proven in recorded history what every   generation after him would repeat his follies in this following verse.

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

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