Interested in a succinct guide to discern whether Jesus Christ’s teachings should be discerned to be wise or foolish means to ‘paint over’ issues in life in our contemporary times?

I read a post today titled: The Radical Sayings of Jesus.  which is essential a guide of Jesus Christ Bible teachings on various issues.

For example: “Issues like lifegendermarriageLGBTIsraelfree speech and culture.

I later saw the above feature image cartoon thought to paint a warship pink to resolve an issue.

The Purpose of This Post?

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse, an idiom, to the conundrum issue of which teachings should be considered as radical activists or are we again attempting to ‘paint over’ the issues to resolve during our contemporary times what are wise of foolish teachings to guide us on our path during our short journeys of times in our lives.

King Solomon

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity. (Ecclesiastes 1;2)

Excerpt – Benson Commentary

Nay, they are not only vanity, but vanity of vanities, the vainest vanity, vanity in the highest degree. And this is redoubled, because the thing is certain, beyond all possibility of dispute.

Idiom – paint (something) with a broad brush

Meaning -To describe or characterize something in very general, vague, or broad terms, ignoring or neglecting to include specific details.

What’s My Point?

 Whatever we hear or read in the news reports or opinions in our contemporary times may discerned to be radical messages from activists based on their beliefs.

Jesus Christ’s image and messages and image have been painted in ancient times to be a savior or prophet by some religious faiths and as a radical activist by others either religious or secular believers.

My point is all generation beliefs have been proven in time to be the result of either human vanity to believe they can paint over issues to conform to their current beliefs. Beliefs which King Solomon described as the greatest folly of man to believe they know better than their Creator when he wrote this following advice verse.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;(Proverb 3:5)

In My Opinion

The post presents a succinct way to quickly key in on an issue to obtain an understanding of Jesus Christ message to compare to what we are hearing or reading in the news reports or pundits’ opinions.

In my opinion, in both ancient and contemporary times the messages of Jesus Christ should be discerned to paint the right colors to anyone who wants to see the true colors of any issue.

Far too many issues in life are being discerned with the belief that di we paint a warship pink; it will resolve what a warship purpose was designed to do in its time.

In other words, when you hear of listen to a news report or pundit opinion, compare his message to the Bible understanding of the issue to discern if you should trust to be guide us on our paths for wise rather than foolish messages based on vanity instead of the wisdom and love messages in the Bible.

If Interested

Read the Source Links below

You Decide

Wise or foolish broad brush radical activists’ opinions based on vanity.

Which messages have proven over time to trust or compare to discern and understand life issues?

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