Did King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba fall in love with each other?

There are many stories, legends, myths about the visit of the Queen of Sheba with King Solomon. What actually happened during her visit, or the connotation of the statement in the Bible, “and Solomon did everything that she asked?” This question has titillated the imagination of a vast number of story tellers, including myself.

The fact that stories, legends and myths were written about a possible love affair that developed with their relationship should be no surprise. Whether or not the stories were originated from fact or fiction will probably never be known or substantiated. However, there is an old wise saying, “where there is smoke, there is fire.”

In the past three years, I have posted numerous novel excerpts about conversations I surmised King Solomon, based on his proverbs, may have had with the Queen of Sheba. The novel is a contemporary application of a story form to promote understanding of proverbs and ancient wise sayings in relation to our modern times.

This excerpt is what I surmised with my imagination based on the legends and myths I read about them. The excerpt ends with an excerpt from King Solomon’s romantic poem Song of Songs. Anyone who has read this poem must surely conclude what a passionate romantic man he must have been. No one seems to know for certain about the marital status of the Queen of Sheba, but what if she was a beautiful young unmarried woman as I portrayed her to be in the novel?


We finally turned to leave after silently gazing at the stars for a long while. Then Bilqis while holding my arm tightly, turned to me with her head down and said in a soft appealing tone of voice.

“Solomon, I have a personal favor I wish to ask of you before we leave.”

“Bilqis, I have promised you anything in my kingdom. Tell me your wish and I will gladly do anything you ask of me.” I replied assuredly.

“Solomon, I want you to kiss me on the lips before we return so that I may end this night with the same feeling a normal woman would experience after spending an evening with her lover under the stars. I have never kissed the lips of any man. I believe it would be best for me to first experience the kiss of a wise man so I may learn to know the difference if I ever kiss a fool. Will you do me this small favor?” Bilqis requested boldly, yet in a shy modest tone.

Again, this woman surprised me. I did not hesitate to fulfill her wish though. I responded immediately by raising her head, starring into her eyes as she removed her veil, and embraced her. I felt our bodies touch each other intimately, before gently placing my lips on her warm soft warm lips for a long moment as I pleasured in the aroma of her fragrance and the sweet taste of her lips. Bilqis responded with complete surrender and continued embracing me after our kiss by placing her face on my shoulder for another long moment of total delight to my senses.

“So tell me wise Solomon, did you find pleasure with my first kiss with a wise man?” Bilqis whispered inquisitively while still embracing me.

“Only an ultimate fool would not find pleasure in your kiss.” I replied.

Bilqis laughed at my remark as she separated herself from my embrace and reattached her veil before taking my arm and pulling me to signal us to return to the palace.

“So now tell me Bilqis, did you find pleasure in my kiss.”

She smiled but gave no reply. We walked back together in silence. Her private thoughts remained unknown to me. Spring is the season when love stirs the hearts of all. Was her kiss the naïve innocent curiosity of a woman destined by birth to be a Goddess, yet also a mortal woman with normal romantic desires?

I silently pondered my thoughts as I escorted her back to the palace. This night had begun with a Bilqis presenting me a dinnertime riddle about numbers and seemed to have ended with another riddle, our relationship. Was there an ulterior motive or reason for her request to kiss her under the vast ceiling of romantic stars? I could not lightly dismiss the personal pleasure I derived from her first kiss.

As I later walked alone into to my empty bedroom, I thought about how as a young boy, I looked forward to the pleasures of playing with toys in my bedroom. Now a man, I shared the pleasures and embraces with my wives. I wondered what pleasure I would look forward to in my bedroom when I became old, lost my virility, and must relinquish my kingdom, as did my father.

As I leaned on a chair to undress, the answer to Bilqis’s dinnertime riddle suddenly became apparent to me. I now knew the answer to her riddle.

Later, as I lay in bed and tried to sleep, my thoughts centered on the pleasure of Bilqis’s first kiss. My thoughts lingered about the beauty of Bilqis, which awakened suppressed feelings of desire within me.

How beautiful you are, how pleasing my love, my delight!

Your very figure is like a palm tree; your breasts are like clusters.

I said I will climb the palm tree,

I will take hold of its branches.

Now let your breasts be like clusters of the vine and the fragrance of your breath

like apples, and your mouth like an excellent wine. (Song of Songs 7-10)


As A Lily Among Thorns – A Story of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Goddess of Wisdom by Rudy U Martinka.

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