What happened during her visit to King Solomon? “…and Solomon did everything that she asked?”

“Solomon, I have traveled far to learn about your Goddess of Wisdom. May I ask how you propose teaching me her wisdom?” How did Solomon answer this question posed to him by Bilqis, Queen of Sheba?

If these questions interest you, read a detailed, fascinating description of the culture, times, clothing and atmosphere in Israel 3000 years ago. Experience the mental intrigue when Bilqis asks a multitude of questions to challenge and test Solomon. Conflict develops as she probes the personal thoughts of Solomon trying to play ‘gotcha’ as sexual tension sparks their relationship. The plot conjectures into an eventual romance.

This biblical fiction novel described in first person by Solomon is based on carefully researched biblical stories and legends that relate to our time to both entertain and inspire readers. We face many of the same basic social and physical challenges in life today as our ancestors. The novel re-tells and embellishes their meetings in an enjoyable and meaningful manner to emphasize how wisdom helps guide us from making foolish decisions. When you finish reading the characterizations, you will know well their personal thoughts and motivations to seek wisdom and love.
The novel is a contemporary application to relate God’s timeless wisdom to our modern world. Proverbs and wise sayings teach us to succeed in life, sometimes called “the granddaddy of every self-improvement book ever written.”

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4.0 out of 5 starsA Story to Love March 25, 2014
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I loved many things about this book, quite clever in its approach to an Biblical story. It made the era come alive with its attention to detail of life in that time. I laughed and pondered, wondered if I could be as charming, intelligent and clever as the Queen or as wise (except in the ways of women) as the King…who had more than 200 wives and not a clue about the nature of women. A first book of many I hope for the author made me want to read more…of his books and of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.
4.0 out of 5 starsThoroughly enjoyed this book! June 21, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I enjoyed reading the story of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba in this fashion of fiction based on history. The author had some very interesting ideas on how the conversations and actions between these two people and others around them might have transpired. Fun read!
5.0 out of 5 stars As a Lily Among Thorns Rudy U Martinka September 2, 2013
By Joe
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
One of the best books I read in awhile. As all the elements of a true modern day love story. Would hold up to todays modern day love story. Shows that love is eternal. Great Book.Joe D M
Format:Kindle Edition
This story features many facets yet it’s easy to follow. Bilqis’ riddles and Solomon’s wisdom stirs my thinking and sense of wonder, what will happen next.With excellent descriptions I can see the landscape and capture the essence of the situations and strong emotions.
5.0 out of 5 stars

Royal Conversations Revealed, August 22, 2015

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The biblical story of the Queen of Sheba traveling to personally visit King Solomon has always been a rich source of speculation. What did she talk about to the King of Israel? What did they have in common, and why was the Queen on a quest for wisdom? She is a mystery because she was a woman obviously ambitious and intelligent. Mr. Martinka slowly reveals qualities the queen possesses. How does he do this? He cleverly connects the Book of Proverbs as conversation starters for their meetings. The conversations are stimulating and can be applied to issues of today. Mr. Martinka’s Blog on Facebook reinforces contemporary issues based on these conversations. All are interwoven with history, cultures, intrigue, and romance. I enjoyed getting to know and understand this Queen. The mystery continues which makes more fascinating reading possible.
Paul of Essex
5.0 out of 5 stars Enchanting

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 1, 2014

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Book Review
Reviewed By Bruce Cook for Readers’ Favorite. In his historical novel, As a Lily Among Thorns, Rudy Martinka has accomplished a milestone in documenting the life of King Solomon. His novel is unique in its historical and archaeological accuracy, its clear chronology of events, and its variety of perspectives on events during these historical times. I commend Rudy Martinka for telling his story through a first person account by King Solomon. Too often the third person approach to history makes for difficult reading. Martinka’s approach makes the story come alive.He uses italicized passages in which characters relate historical and philosophical information that would be far more difficult to read if presented in standard format. Throughout this book, the author provides an impeccable description of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba during a visit the queen made to his palace. The text is replete with conversations between them in which she questions him regarding his background, riddles, and philosophy. These dialogues are invaluable in helping the reader understand the history and beliefs of the times.The story becomes intensely personal and dramatic as a love relationship between Solomon and Bilqis continues. The juxtaposition of events in the story offers a clear account of what happened and when in a way that other historical accounts could not do. Many know something about King Solomon, the queen of Sheba, their son Menelik, David and Goliath, the Ark of the Covenant, or Solomon’s wise decision between two harlots who came to his court, both claiming to be mother of a child. But few have an idea of these stories in relationship to each other in time and place. This brings the story together in a way that the best novels do with their situations and characters.A preface and epilogue give evidence of the careful scholarship the author devoted to the writing of this book. Here the scholarly and archaeological research that underpins the story is clearly explained. This book is a powerful statement and should be read by anyone interested in learning about the Old Testament and King Solomon.

Author Bio

Rudy U Martinka attended Northwestern and Elmhurst Colleges. Now retired from Business, he has over thirty opinions published in the Chicago Tribune. Born 1940. and currently residing in Elmhurst, Illinois. He participated in civic associations of Boy Scouts. Elmhurst Safety Council, and Elmhurst Auxiliary Police. Married with three children and nine grandchildren. His reason for writing this novel is every day we all read and hear news reports of foolish decisions being made all over the world. He prays readers of his novel may experience a numinous touch to help prevent them from making foolish decisions.

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