This ancient excuse may reveal the real reason why you waited until the last day to shop?

“I could not because of the lion.”

Even in ancient times, all kinds of tall tales or perceived excuses have been expounded why a task could not, or was not completed in a timely manner.  Some excuses can be amusing as is this one recorded three thousand years ago, in a town or city where there were no lions.

King Solomon   

A lazy man says, There is a lion outside, I shall be mauled in the street.’ (Proverb 22:13)

This verse indicates in an ironic, and even comic way to what absurd lengths a lazy many will go in rationalizing his laziness. There is, of course, an element of caricature and exaggeration in the rationalization which is put in his mouth. In fact the excuses of the person will never be so manifestly absurd as this. (Excerpt, Gils Bible Commentary)

In My Opinion

There are plenty creative or imaginary excuses that are spouted by babes or grown adults who are either lazy or procrastinators.

Absent the reason is being broke or hoping for a last-minute bargain, most likely a person is either lazy or a procrastinator of which I confess to being guilty.

If you are either, I recommend we wise up to our shortcomings and acknowledge them when asked why we waited to the last minute. Don’t make up a phony or comic excuse that will reveal you to be a fool.

You Decide

Lazy, Procrastinator, broke, cheapskate, Scrooge, or etc.etc.?

Will we wrap our gift like Pickles

Regards and goodwill blogging.  


Proverbs Mc Kane

Panoramio – Photo of Lazy Lion at Moremi Game Park

Pickles – Chicago Tribune December 25, 2021