Should Government emulate proven marketing methods for “Implementing deadlines to drive urgency will undoubtedly increase the actions…?”

Original posr date 5/5/2021

The Chicago Tribune articles titled: Editorial: No to mandating vaccine passports, contained this following opinion:

“Educating the public about the vaccines and facilitating shots, not issuing dictates, is the best way to combat the virus and build public trust.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an idiom, to the question of government mandated vac passes.

King Solomon

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise. (Proverb 12:15)

Excerpts – Gill’s Bible Commentary

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, whether it be the way of open profaneness, or self-righteousness, it appears to him to be the right way; it seems to him a very plain one, and he finds it pleasant; and, trusting to carnal sense, corrupt reason, and a false judgment, and having a high opinion of himself and his own knowledge, never asks after the right way, nor takes the advice of others;

but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise; that asks advice and takes it of such who are men of age and experience, men of longer standing, and are wiser than himself

Idiom – Point of No Return

Meaning – A point at which it is impossible to reverse one’s actions or return to one’s starting point.

What’s My Point?

Over a year has passed in the world of Covid acquired knowledge of how the virus spread from person to person. Sadly, some died mainly because of their age and preexisting conditions. While younger persons experienced varying mild to severe effects.

My point is government needs to emulate proven marketing skills to convince vaccination holdouts to make their own individual choices whether or not they want the vaccine.

In My Opinion,

Some Nations and communities experienced less spread of Covid because they closed their borders and; or mandated masks be worn. In retrospect was a common-sense decision to control the spread of a highly communicable and deadly virus to highly susceptible mainly adults.

The USA presently has in power a “nanny government” leadership.

In my opinion if government would do as the Chicago Tribune article stated, educate and allow private enterprise to dictate, instead of a nanny government dictates, the issue would solve itself.

For Example

Set deadlines for the present free vaccines and testing in communities by age same as a marketing agent sets sale dates to persuade people to make decisions to buy goods they perceive to need.

Deadlines to make unvaccinated people who choose to ignore deadlines to pay for their covid treatment medical expenses if the deadline dates pass a “point of no return.”

Deadlines to make a decision who to trust to obtain counsel and advice from their own doctors who better understands medical risks of their patients if they become infected with Covid.

Deadlines to allow private business to decide if they want to mandate for their employees and customers, instead of nanny government mandates.

For example, if a business chooses to market their business to accommodate people who do not want to risk becoming infected if they visit a business or event, my guess is wise customers with high health risks will choose their services rather instead of a business that does not offer the same protections.

In other words, government mandates in a Democrat Republic often produce resentment, controversy, and resistance, and in my opinion, serve to make people more dependent on government instead of becoming dependent and responsible for their own wise or foolish choices in life.

Whereas, marketing deadlines use is protections. a method of “Implementing deadlines to drive urgency will undoubtedly increase the actions…”

As for the issue of travelers being allowed to enter the USA without a vac pass, voters should consider comparing the results in Nations like New Zeeland or Taiwan who restricted travelers?

You Decide

Is sales marketing advertising a form of “educating the public?

If we know deadlines work for marketing sales promotions, is it wise or foolish for government in a free Democrat Republic to emulate their proven methods to “educate the public: by using the same proven marketing methods?

Should vac pass for all travelers into the USA be required now that Covid is producing variant strains to reduce known or unknown risks?

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