Are masks and vacs scientific or political reasons that could have prevented the current Omicron surge in the USA the result of an anthropogenic-hazards-choices-or-curse?

The Chicago Tribune – AP news article, along with seven headline clues contain clues that pertain to the spread of the Omicron currently surging in the USA hospitals 

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb, an idiom, and a question for interested readers to discern the three clues to this scientific or political conundrum?

Headlines Clues?

First Clue – Mayor warns. We need to be careful at social occasions.

Second Clue – New Cases in Nation hit record numbers.

Third Clue – Virus Surge course UChicago to shutdown Flossmoor Urgent Care

Fourth Clue – Oak Park will require vaccination proof in various establishments

Fifth Clue – Now showing: The state of movie theaters: (Spoiler alert it is a tearjerker)

Sixth Clue – Dr. Fauci is wrong to mandate a vaccination mandate for domestic air travel.

Seventh Clue – Even with strict rules, Asia is bracing for omicron.

King Solomon

Better a poor but wise youth than an old but foolish king who no longer knows how to heed a warning. (Ecclesiastes 4:13)

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. (Ecclesiastes 4:13)

As a sparrow on the wing and a swallow in flight, so is an unmerited curse, which does not alight. (Proverb 26:2)

Idiom – you’ve made your bed, now lie on it

Meaning – You’ve created this unpleasant or unfortunate situation, now you have to endure or deal wit

What’s My Point?

Asia leaders have up to now by being strict about allowing visitors into their Nations prevent the surge of Omicron into their Nations.

My Point is in our Democrat Republic last election, we chose the present political leaders now in power. Or in other words, we made our own beds and are now have it endure or deal with.

In My Opinion

The present political administration choices to allow people to enter our Nation without imposing the same restrictions as Asian Nations and allowing open borders and not enforcing present CDC laws or the same vaccination requirements for people to enter the USA.

Recommendations and laws which have has proven to be folly if we discern that the USA Omicron surge which resulted after the last election is now surging in the USA but not Asia.

In a previous post and novel, I surmised what King Solomon advised the Queen of Sheba to be the main reason for most human follies related to choices we humans make.

I recommend we read only the above seventh clue Chicago Tribune article statements to discern the answer to this conundrum.

In other words, the Covid Omicron variant is surging in the USA and not Asia because of the political choices we made in the 2020 election.

If I made add, the last visit to my doctor, I commented that I have not had a cold or flu ever since Covid became a pandemic. He replied that is because I chose to be vaccinated and wear a mask.

You Decide

Did the Omicron surge in the USA based on a scientific or political reason?

Who will you hopefully make use of the above wisdom verses before we choose to lead our Nation bed in our Democrat Republic interest of ourselves, family, and community in the 2022 election?

Does the above Chicago Tribune Feature Image along with the King Solomon verses perhaps also contain the answer to this conundrum?

If Interested

Read the articles in the Source Links below.

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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Chicago Tribune – SDU Tribune – AP December 31, 2021

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