Why, in ancient times was forgiveness and closure an effective means to reduce violence?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: My Groups Prevention Efforts Have Taught Me What Works and What Doesn’t, reported this following message:

“First, many of today’s shootings are not about drug turf. For our guys, the biggest cause of gun violence in Chicago is retaliation, and a key driver is our low arrest and conviction rates for homicides and shootings. People are getting away with killings every day in Chicago, and in the absence of real justice, we get street justice. Even mass shootings lead to very few arrests and convictions.

This statement brought to my mind what Pope Francis New Year’s Day message.

“Peace, the pope said, “demands concrete actions. It is built by being attentive to the least, by promoting justice, with the courage to forgive, thus extinguishing the fire of hatred.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient King Solomon prayer and article about what is the missing wisdom clue contained in both above messages that King Solomon recognized 3000 years ago is an essential need to keep the peace in every society since the beginning of mankind.

King Solomon

6:36-39 When they sin against You…and repent…forgive your people who have sinned against you.

What’s My Point?

Forgiveness as a Virtue – Excerpt

“One risk that vindictiveness often creates is that it leads victimized people to become self-righteous fanatics. This chapter presents how forgiveness can be a more viable response to evil. It argues that forgiveness can be seen as a healing virtue since it has a capacity to free an individual from being consumed by anger, check one’s tendency toward cruelty, and open doors to the restoration of broken relationships. To prove this case, the chapter cited the parable of the unforgiving servant. It is also demonstrated here that granting forgiveness does not necessarily disregard the self-respect of the victim as long as sincere repentance is manifested on the part of the wrongdoer.”

My point is the virtue forgiveness is not taught in public secular schools to the mainly youth who are shooting each other “in retaliation” all over our Nation and World.

In My Opinion

The writer of the Chicago Tribune “was former US Secretary of Education from 2000 to 2016. His opinion is credible is based on experience instead of opinion.

In my opinion, if he is correct that the biggest cause of gun violence is retaliation, perhaps the virtue of forgiveness needs to be taught to our youth.

Unfortunately, this is not possible because if we read and understand the wisdom of King Solomon’s prayer, we would better understand what he understood the reasons for the wisdom in his prayer.

If we want to reduce youth violent retaliation in the future, parents need to seek out in the 2022 legislators who will support school vouchers because it is unlawful to teach prayers to repent for sins and forgiveness in public secular schools.

Otherwise, the wisdom and virtue of forgiveness and the need to repent will never be understood in order to be discerned, and the only other means to reduce violence in youth will be the same 1994 solution that reduced crime initiated by then Senator Joe Biden enacted laws which were effective to arrest violent youth and sentence them to long term prison sentences in order to reduce the violence in our Nation  

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