Did the writer fall short in his blame of “boneheaded handling of the coronavirus pandemic?”

The Chicago Tribune Op-Ed titled, CPS, Lightfoot should have seen school closures coming, reported the opening statement opinions of the writer.

“The current Chicago Public Schools mess is a perfect microcosm of this country’s increasingly boneheaded handling of the coronavirus pandemic.”

“Even before the omicron variant started spreading, anyone (bonehead) paying attention to the nature of the pandemic knew the weeks following the end-of-year holidays were going to be problematic.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb to this conundrum if the writer fell short an should have targeted who are the real “boneheaded handlers” of the coronavirus and omicron variant. The leaders who should have seen what the writer described as boneheaded decisions. Decisions which can be proven foolish with three clue examples.

King Solomon

 A wise king winnows the wicked and drives the wheel over them. (Proverb 20:26)

What’s My Point?

Three examples in the news reports give clues to this conundrum.

The first is the recent news article that 125 people tested positive in a plane that landed in India.

The second is the previous post which described how the USA removed covid restrictions from travelers entering the USA right before the holiday and cold weather seasons.

The third was during the Trump term, Biden complained about Trump’s decision to stop all flights from China to enter the USA. “Yes, Biden absolutely did oppose the China travel restrictions and call them ‘xenophobic’

My point is the writer ‘could have – should have’ directed his finger pointing, not at Lightfoot and the Chicago Teachers Union. Instead, same as in the chess game, he pointed at the pawns instead of the (boneheaded) King and his political party leaders.

In My Opinion

The real boneheads the writer should have blamed is the Democrat leaders now in power who won the 2020 election by the choice of the majority of voters.

If we compare as examples how Asia countries are more prudent than the USA in allowing travelers to enter the USA and the far fewer number of infections they have incurred, it is apparent the Asian leaders are wiser than the USA leaders.

For example, when the plane form Italy landed in India, the travelers are tested for Covid before being allowed to travel in India. The USA just asks for proof the were vaccinated instead of testing the traveler before being allowed to travel into the USA.

Add that the Biden administration has admitted they did not Covid test the two million refugees from the Southern Borders before allowing them to fly on planes or travel all over the USA.

Add what I explained in a previous post a similar complaint that three weeks prior to the travel ban on South Africa travelers where the highly contagious Omicron originated, USA leaders chose a foolish time to lift travel bans. Their timing so soon to the Christmas and New Years and cold weather when families gather and inside. For example, the Biden administration removed all travel restrictions in November and three weeks later reinstated on South Africa, and then again removed the travel restrictions.

In other words, the writer directed his “should have- could have” at the people who have to now contend with the folly of the Biden administration boneheaded decision described by the writer as not “paying attention to the nature of the pandemic knew the weeks following the end-of-year holidays were going to be problematic.”

If Interested

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You Decide

Should the Chicago Tribune and the writer of the Op-Ed apologize for their inaccurate finger pointing at the pawns instead of the King who was not wise enough to winnow out what he could have or should have, same as the Asian leaders?

Should the voters have considered before they voted in the 2020 election the clue Biden gave when he called Trump’s prudent decision as to ban travel from China in 202o as ‘xenophobic?’

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Source Links

Chicago Tribune


125 Plane Passengers Test Positive

Biden Absolutely Did Opposes the China Travel Restrictions


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