How does an ancient observation made about a lotus flower and a King Solomon wisdom verse, perhaps, relate to the Covid Pandemic we are now experiencing in our contemporary times?

The Chicago Tribune news reports are heavily weighted with Covid suffering we are experiencing in our contemporary times in the USA and World.

I read a Purplerays blog post today contained the following statement which can be related to a 3000-year-old King Solomon observation.

“I may stand in the lotus-flower amid all purity, if I myself remain pure…”

In other words, in our contemporary times, and  in spite of all our medical knowledge and scientific advancements accumulated over the centuries, we still do not know the origin of Covid.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate two ancient verses as possible clues to this conundrum.

If Interested

First read the Purple Rays Post and a Previous Post titled King Solomon, Anthropogenic Hazards, Choices, or Curses in the Links below. 


King Solomon

You Decide

If after reading the posts, is it possible that the reasons for the origin of Covid originated because of God wants us to suffer?

Or perhaps, the reasons why certain humans were experimenting in a Lab in China, along with USA funding, were not being as pure as a lotus flower or as wise as King Solomon?

Regards and goodwill blogging.