Why the Chicago Tribune investigation is more flawed than the Mayor or Police Chief argument to jail or release and electronic monitor arrested criminal subjects.

The Chicago Tribune headline article titled: Flawed data clouds monitoring arguments: reported how the newspaper investigate the Mayor and Police Chief’s accusations that point fingers at the Judges and Prosecutors who release instead of jail individuals to be home monitored is a huge factor in Chicago violence.

What is missing in the report is the low number of violent criminals who are arrested for violent crimes because witnesses are fearful to come forward because if they do, they or their families may be harmed.

Or what is missing in the cloudy investigation is the police clearance rates report which is explained in this following statement.

“Not all cases are cleared with an arrest and charges, however. Of the 329 cases, 134 were cleared by a category the department calls “exceptional,” which means police have identified a suspect, but either the suspect is dead or prosecutors said there was not enough evidence to approve charges.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom proverb to the clouds lingering over Chicago and other urban cities crime rates.

King Solomon

Like clouds and wind without rain is one who boasts of gifts never given. (Proverb 26:14)

What’s My Point?

The Chicago Tribune used the words cloudy to assign to Mayor Lightfoot and Police Chief David Brown.

My point is everyone on both sides of the argument about the use of EM instead of jailing people arrested for criminal violence needs to realize that it is too late for entire generations of children never schooled to believe in religious moral values in public secular schools to end the violence or to believe anything gift or promise to solve the violence will materialize. Same as some miraculous  rain will appear in the dark clouds to wash away the follies occurring in high crime poverty urban areas in Chicago or the USA.

In My Opinion,

Because of foolish decisions made in the USA courts to prevent religious beliefs and morals from being taught in public schools, our Nation is now experiencing what happens in a society that believed they are wiser than their Creator.

The same folly made by King Solomon which resulted in his Kingdom being divided after his death for similar reasons of high taxes, high debt, and  divisive politics, same we are now experiencing in the USA.

However, there is now hope that parents can now choose the schools they want to send their children to be taught the same religious values and morals of our founders who envisioned a Democrat Republic that allows freedom of religions.

The sooner we vote for legislators to support school choice or school vouchers, to allow children in poor and middle-class urban areas to be taught religious beliefs and morals, the sooner this dark cloud wail blow over and rain religious beliefs and morals to guide our youth to never consider breaking the laws of God and Man.

If Interested

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You Decide

Will Mayor Lightfoot or Chief of Police ever remove the dark clouds of crime by jailing or EM means when we have generations of youth grown up who never were taught to believe in religious values or morals?

Should the Chicago Tribune instead of investigating the Mayor or Chief cloudy repoets,   to  investigate the following study which I keep bring up will remove the clouds of what needs to be done to reduce crime.

And that is to have the government study made to compare how many convicted criminals attended a public secular school or a private religious school in their youth grades 1-8 which are all psychiatrist ages are the most vulnerable and impressionable times in every youth life to be taught right from wrong values in life

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Source Links

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