Which path “after the event” might have been wiser choices made by our Senior DC Managers has resulted in more Covid misery and woes experienced in our Nation in 2021?

The Chicago Tribune – AP article titled: US begins distribution of free, at home testing and N95 masks, reports the latest Senior management path DC decision to attempt to control the spread of misery in our Nation from the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent variants.

“Both initiatives represent the type of mass government investments long seen in Europe and Asia, but delayed in the US..”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate ancient wisdom verses, an idiom, along with Management 101 information for interested readers to decide if our current Senior Managers in Washington DE should be rated as wise or foolish managers of our Nation based on testing and N95 masks management.

King Solomon

Woe to the land whose king was a servant and whose princes feast in the morning. (Ecclesiastes 10:16)

Idiom – it’s easy to be wise after the event

It is far easier to understand how something bad could have been prevented after it has already occurred.

Excerpt – Purpose of Senior Management

“Senior management, including the chief executive officer, president, vice president and board members, is at the top layer of this management hierarchy. Senior management needs to set the overall goals and direction of an organization. Senior management develops strategic plans and company-wide policy and makes decisions about the direction of the organization at the highest level. They also usually play an essential role in mobilizing outside resources and are held accountable to the company’s shareholders as well as the general public for the performance of the company.”

What’s My Point?

Our present senior management team in DC began their term with a vaccine developed in record time to help control or reduce Covid misery

My point is that after one year of a change in Senior Manager in the USA, a decision has been made to make use of N95 masks and tests to prevent the spread of Covid which in retrospect “after the event” of Covid being allowed to spread into our Nation.

In My Opinion

The USA Senior Management of Covid in the past year has been foolishly mismanaged because of the following decisions,

If we discern the information of the risks of the age groups in a previous post it is apparent that the highest risk is for people aged 50 and up, perhaps we needed to “easy focus on this age group to be vaccinated instead of closing schools, businesses, etc. etc.?

If we discern how the USA Senior Manager did not control travelers entering the USA without being tested compared to Asian Nations Senior Managers appeared to be wiser, perhaps we should have been more restrictive to control travelers entering our borders?

If the USA Senior Manager had focused on N95 masks being made free and were available instead because machinery to manufacture was not outsourced 8000 miles away, wearers of N95 masks would have had masks 50 percent more effective to prevent them from being infected with Covid variants?

In other words, sadly, much of the misery or woes and feasting of misery experienced in USA if if we discern the comparison to the record of the Asian Nations managers and teams, perhaps our Senior Manager and his team were not as wise managers for the USA?

If Interested

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You Decide

While it is “easy to be wise after the event,” should it be easier for voters in a Democrat Republish to discern our misery and woes experienced as a result of and who to vote for in 2022 based on the results of our Senior Manager and his Team management of Covid??

Regards and goodwill blogging

Source Links

Chicago Tribune – AP  January 20, 2022

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Excerpt _Purpose of Senior Management