Who are two powerful Presidents in obvious need of King Solomon’s ancient Wisdom in our contemporary times?

The Chicago Tribune and an MSN news release reported both Presidents assigned the word stupid to another human being.

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb to this conundrum for interested readers to discern about what is obviously a bad example of human folly on public display rules for living in both ancient and contemporty times.

The reason is because same as was foolish in ancient times, it is a violation of Logic and Robert’s Rules to make use of a personal attack during a debate in our contemporary  tunes.

If Interested in This Conundrum Answer

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Rules of Logic – Ad hominem

Robert Rules of Debate – 43. Decorum in Debate.


You Decide

If after reading, is there a problem of what is not being taught in public secular schools when the President of the Chicago Teachers Union provides himself as an an example to students and teachers to violate loci and decorum rules for debate.

If after reading, is it any wonder President Biden is having problems with fulfilling his campaign promise to unify our Nation

If after reading, should everyone discern the wisdom of King Solomon written 3000 years ago to present ourselves as examples of wisdom instead of folly in our conduct and conversations making more use of, logic and rules of conduct rules in both public and private dealings with one another?

Would displaying our actions as examples of wisdom and love as taught in the Bible help make our world a better place in the future?

Regards and goodwill blogging.