Are women being deprived of a choice or freedom by State Lows to control abortion? Is the Supreme Court review of Roe & Wade 1973 law an attempt to change, renew, or restore logic to this conundrum?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: States act as abortion fight heats up, contained the above photo of a statement on a sign that states:

“My body MY CHOICE, my freedom MY VOICE.”

The Purpose of This Post ‘

Is to relate and ancient wisdom proverb and a rule of logic to her statement for interested readers to decide if any abortion law deprive any women of either CHOICE or Freedom when they choose to still the sound of a heartbeat.

King Solomon
Then the king gave his ruling: “Give the living baby to the first woman. Do not kill him; she is his mother.” (1 Kings 3:27)

Three Laws of Logic

The law of identity: P is P.

The law of identity says that if a statement such as “It is raining” is true, then the statement is true.

The law of noncontradiction: P is not non-P.

The law of noncontradiction says that a statement such as “It is raining” cannot be both true and false in the same sense.

The law of the excluded middle: Either P or non-P.

The law of the excluded middle says that a statement such as “It is raining” is either true or false. There is no other alternative.

What’s My Point?

In 1973 the Supreme Court did not have any scientific evidence available to detect a heartbeat approximately 6 weeks after conception.

The Supreme Court decision to review Roe Wade decision in not to change the law, their decision is an appropriate decision to renew the scientific evidence and decide if they should restore the 1973 decision based on logic and scientific evidence now available that is based on logic.

In other words, according to the first rule of logic if a heartbeat is an indication of life, it is true that the baby is alive.

If the something is true, it cannot be false.

If a heartbeat is beating it cannot be aborted because to do so is to kill something truly living, there can be no middle ground.

In My Opinion

If we consider the King Solomon verse, King Solomon used the word living, do not kill.

Or in other words, if we discern his wisdom. if the baby was living, to cut it in half, would be an action to kill the baby.  

Or in other words to remove the baby with a heartbeat, the truth is the baby has life, and removing the baby from the mother’s fetus is tantamount to cutting it in half from the mother womb and killing the baby.

As for the sign stating that a woman has a choice, and ending the Roe Wade is an offense against her freedom, the truth is she had a free choice when she agreed to the act of intercourse, a wise woman advised women 5000 years ago the simplest scientific statement  every women has been taught by their mother in ancient times.

And in every school in our contemporty times,

 “Intercourse brings on lactation.”

 In my opinion, President Biden, who some describe him to be “the abortion President,” should also renew the statement he made in the following Excerpt”

“That president-elect Joe Biden would “listen to the scientists” and pursue a pandemic response “informed by science and by experts” was one of the most repeated and central pledges of his candidacy. “

Perhaps, someone needs to remind him of his statement and the logic and truth that when we medically end a heartbeat by cutting the unborn fetus from the true mother, there cannot be an alternative meaning to abortion, it is killing the baby.

If Interested

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You Decide

Should the Supreme Court review the Roe Wade decision made in 1973 before there was scientific medical devices to detect a heartbeat at 6 weeks.

Is it logical to believe the truth that a baby is alive if a heartbeat is detected?

Is it logical to believe that removing the unborn fetus while there is a heartbeat is to Kill the heartbeat?

If something is proven true, it cannot be false according to logic?

Is the word abortion a middle ground word to that is false if it is not true?

Is it either wise, logical, or scientific for the Supreme Courts rules to “restore” the original Roe and Wade ruling made in 1973 in 2022?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

Source Links

Chicago Tribune January 23. 2022

Three Laws Logic

Purplerays – Albert Schweitzer

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