Another signal of USA demise of Manufacturing and failed Biden Campaign Promises to return manufacturing?

The Chicago Tribune article titled: Under proposal, facilities along I-88 will need Naperville Council approval, reported this statement:

“Not only does the truck traffic wear out roadways, but the city collects far less in property taxes from warehouses and distribution than from other business uses, Jeffries said.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient wisdom verse, a quote, a definition of modern world statistics, and convoluted JIT logistics, as to what building warehouses signals instead of manufacturing, and or technical research facilities for the future USA reliance on globalism instead of independence from domestic manufacturing.

The present warehouse building boom now occurring in the USA is a signal that even after what we have experienced in the past four decades as a result of political folly, and will continue to experience unless we voters wise up in November 22, 2022.

King Solomon

Ecclesiastes 8:7 (CJB) by uncertainty over the future; even when the event takes place, who will tell them about it?

Quote -‘Follow the money. always follow the money.” 

That resounding phrase, coined on the analogy of the French churches la femme, has become the rallying cry of a generation of reporters investigating corruption in high places.

Statistics Definition – Merriam Webster

1: a branch of mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data

Definition of just-in-time – Marriam Webster

: a manufacturing strategy wherein parts are produced or delivered only as needed

What’s My Point?

I often drive the I -88 expressway and witnessed the enormous massive warehouses being built along with the empty office buildings being abandoned all over the USA.

My point is the smart money is investing in warehouses which is a sign that the future of USA manufacturing ever returning from foreign sources will continue in spite of President Bidens campaign promises based on and one year record in office to return manufacturing to the USA in the future.

In My Opinion

I wrote a previous post on the issue that more warehouses being built signals for the future of USA manufacturing workers.

This post is to focus on the news article Naperville concern that “property taxes from warehouses and distribution than from other business uses” is an even b bigger loss for the USA economy in the future.

When King Solomon wrote his above wisdom verse 3000 years ago, statistics use for business was rudimentary compared to our contemporary times.

King Solomon’s verse is still true that no one can predict the future. However, when it comes to how statistics has progress since 1770, we can fairly well predict business, weather, and other trends in our contemporty times.

Add that “following the money” is still one of the most accurate forecasts for the future both the future of business and political trends.

Statistics indicate Bidens policies in his first year in office already is showing a downward trend in manufacturing, add that building warehouses by money investors. Add the fact that every USA manufacturing business adds support jobs such as accounting, management, training, and technical support etc. equals higher paying job opportunities for USA workers than stocking shelves in warehouses.

In other words, the smart money is investing in globalism manufactured goods to continue in the future instead of manufacturing goods in the USA.

As for Just in Time logistics, it now means it takes longer for goods to arrive in the USA and the need to warehouse the goods in bigger more massive warehouses rather than to manufacture locally in the USA.

For who understand JIT original concepts means higher costs to transport and inventory means they must pass higher costs and greater inventory costs to store in warehouses, which in turns means higher prices for consumers or inflation of prices of good’s

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Your Decide

Who will you vote for in 2022 to reverse from building massive warehouses to restore manufacturing better paying jobs and opportunities for workers in in the future of the USA?

Regards and goodwill blogging.

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